Famous Women Over 50 Who Said Goodbye to Botox and Hello to Natural Beauty

Image credit: Legion-Media

They do not need Botox to feel beautiful. Their inner beauty shines through and that's all that matters.

Monica Bellucci, 58

Monica believes that after 50 a woman's life just begins. In the acting industry, it is also a plus, since it opens up a new form of beauty and attractiveness. The actress believes that a woman over 50 can become a role model if she keeps her natural beauty and does not resort to the help of plastic surgeries.

The actress also refuses various cosmetic injections. The secret of her beauty is simple: every night Monica removes her makeup and then applies moisturizing cream. For skin elasticity, the actress uses cold showers. In normal life, she does not wear make up and refuses to use hair dryers and hair irons.

By the way, she tries to wash her hair no more than two or three times a week with shampoo diluted with mineral water, and she always uses olive oil instead of a hair mask. But the main advice Monica Bellucci gives to all women is to sleep well and love yourself at any age.

Meryl Streep, 73

As a young woman, Meryl was often worried about her appearance and was upset that God did not grant her the beauty that is so valued in Hollywood. But that hasn't stopped her from having a remarkable career and proving everyone that beauty is relative. Streep urges women not to worry about age-related changes, because otherwise it makes them age faster and be constantly under stress, scared to find new wrinkles on their faces.

The actress believes that you can be young only when you find true harmony and learn how to love yourself. Meryl also refuses dot plastic surgeries and believes that it is better to look your age, to be natural.

Meryl believes that to be happy, you need to learn to accept yourself and never criticize yourself. As for self-care, Streep uses only moisturizer and sunscreen and wears makeup only for special occasions and for work on the set.

Sharon Stone, 64

Sharon does not hide her age and proudly declares that she is in her sixties. The actress says that it is forbidden to grow old in Hollywood, because as soon as the first wrinkles appear, there are fewer and fewer job offers. But Stone refuses to follow the trend and claims that she does not give a damn about what she can and cannot do in Hollywood. The actress is sure that with age she has become even more beautiful and sexy. Most importantly, this is how she feels, which is why she is still in demand.

By the way, she did inject Botox a few times but stopped in time. According to the actress, all of her colleagues who got the injections lost their individuality and became similar to each other.

Stone admits that she has no special beauty secrets. She just uses moisturizing creams and tries to avoid makeup in everyday life. But she watches her diet closely: every morning she drinks herbal tea and eats a piece of gluten-free sourdough toast. The star gave up sweets long ago, but sometimes allows herself a bit of dark chocolate. Sharon does not drink alcohol, believing that it will ruin her skin and she also does Pilates and yoga.

Helen Mirren, 77

Helen is a legendary actress who often plays roles of royalty on screen. Indeed, any woman would envy her posture and grace. Mirren does not hide her age, but she is happy to share the secrets of her beauty. The first thing the actress advises is not to think about age changes, because nobody can escape it.

By the way, Helen asks photographers not to photoshop her pictures so people can see how she really looks, and understand that the actress is the same ordinary person, just like everyone else. In addition, Mirren tries to apply makeup less and less often, because she believes that makeup affects the elasticity of the skin and accelerates aging.

But, if she does have to put on makeup, then before going to bed, she necessarily removes the cosmetics, washes her face with cool water and then wipes her face with a flannel napkin and applies moisturizer.

Juliette Binoche, 58

Juliette has the courage to declare that at 58, she feels more beautiful and attractive than when she was 20. How does it work? The actress has learned to love herself and accept all her flaws. One thing that Binoche advises is to never keep your emotions and anger bottled up. Be sure to speak out or even shout, or better yet, write all of your worries in a letter.

Of course, this is not the main secret of her beauty and youth. Juliette adores making homemade masks and is happy to tell you how to make them. For example, there is a signature mask for the lips: you need to mix medium-fat cottage cheese with warm cream and add a bit of honey. All this should be applied to the lips and kept for 10 minutes. Such a mask will help you get rid of dryness, and make your lips more expressive and sensual.

Binoche also watches her diet, constantly consulting with a nutritionist. She gave up sugar and salt, as well as sweets. However, sometimes the actress allows herself to eat dark chocolate, honey and berry jam. But Juliette does not recommend drinking 2 liters of water a day, because it can stretch the stomach. She drinks only 1.5 liters.

Susan Sarandon, 76

Susan will be 77 years old next year, but would anyone give her that much? The actress looks at least 20 years younger, even the grandkids call her "Honey". Sarandon boldly chooses revealing dresses with deep cleavage, wears fashionable things in her everyday life, and is still crazy about young men.

According to the actress, it is romantic relationships with them that help her look so good despite her age. Of course, Susan also looks after herself, but sometimes she does not understand how she managed to look so young and so beautiful.