Does Todd Hoffman Have a Stake in the Gold Rush Show?

Image credit: Discovery Channel

One of the series' original members is no longer involved in Gold Rush, but is he being paid for making the series what it is today?

Once the Discovery Channel premiered Gold Rush back in 2010, millions of viewers became instantly obsessed with it, closely following the miners' hard lives from episode to episode. The audience loves to learn more about these strong-willed men and women who are able to withstand freezing temperatures and grueling working hours, persevering in their mining endeavors or returning home empty-handed.

From the series' first season, Todd Hoffman had been one of the key figures on Gold Rush.

As one of the original cast members and the man most responsible for making it a hit reality show, Hoffman was expected to star on the series forever, so his sudden departure in 2018 left many fans in shock. Of course, Hoffman was by no means everyone's favorite: a huge part of the audience thought he was a blabbermouth unable to deliver on his promises, but others admired the miner's vibrant personality.

Despite his polarizing character, fans agree Hoffman played a crucial role in the early success of the series.

Discussing him on Reddit, some viewers wondered if Hoffman was still being paid for the episodes filmed after he left in 2018.

The obvious answer to that question is no: Hoffman is neither the producer nor creator of Gold Rush, so there's no reason the channel would pay him for new episodes. The miner still gets some amount from royalties for reruns of previous seasons, but that's about it. Although he was one of the most prominent figures of the first eight years of Gold Rush, his departure from the series was final and absolute.

However, that doesn't mean Hoffman has cut his ties with Discovery itself — not at all. Last year, the channel aired his new reality show, Hoffman Family Gold, and though it didn't achieve the success of Gold Rush and wasn't picked up for a second season just yet, the man has certainly made good money from it.