David Letterman Grills Tom Cruise's Oscars 2023 Absence During Jimmy Kimmel Interview

David Letterman Grills Tom Cruise's Oscars 2023 Absence During Jimmy Kimmel Interview
Image credit: Legion-Media

The TV icon doesn't seem to be thrilled with Cruise's absence from Hollywood's biggest awards ceremony.

Oscar 2023 took place just over a week ago, and the ceremony seems to have gone rather smoothly, especially compared to last year's train wreck, when Will Smith led all the controversy.

Jimmy Kimmel hosted the ceremony for the third time, and although most fans and critics condemned him for safe and toothless jokes, he nevertheless did an excellent job.

But it seems that when there is no controversy, someone has to come up with something — and this year, David Letterman took it upon himself.

The beloved TV presenter recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and after congratulating Jimmy on his excellent performance at the ceremony, he bluntly grilled Tom Cruise, rebuking him for not coming to the event.

Although Cruise's Top Gun: Maverick was one of the contenders for the Best Picture award, the Hollywood king decided to skip the Oscars this year, citing his busy filming schedule as an excuse.

"Here's something that may be a little sensitive. Where was Tom Cruise? Between you and me, he should have been there, right?" Letterman told Kimmel.

Many suspected that Cruise skipped the Oscars ceremony to avoid running into his ex-wife Nicole Kidman, but it was later revealed that the actor attended Michael Caine's 90th birthday party in London instead. While Cruise was clearly confident that Maverick wouldn't receive any major awards that night, fans are still concerned about the star choosing not to support his colleagues at the Oscars.

However, most of the actor's fans are perplexed as to why Letterman even brought up the issue, wondering if the two stars have some sort of falling out, and many people argue that Cruise has the right to choose which events he attends — so it's none of Letterman's business.

Despite the Oscars being the biggest Hollywood awards night, Cruise simply felt that spending more time with his friend Michael Caine was more important to him.