Cersei Lannister Star Spills the Tea on Post-Game of Thrones Career Struggles

Cersei Lannister Star Spills the Tea on Post-Game of Thrones Career Struggles
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Lena Headey has been struggling to adjust to her career after the end of the hit series.

HBO's Game of Thrones has been one of the most successful television shows of the past decade, catapulting many talented but underappreciated actors to stardom. While names like Peter Dinklage, Pedro Pascal, and Jason Momoa were often mentioned before the show, it was George R. R. Martin's hit adaptation that made them household names.

On the other hand, actress Lena Headey was one of the biggest discoveries of the show. Although Headey had been acting before, her role as villainous Queen Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones was the actress' breakthrough.

The hit fantasy series ended in 2019, and most of the cast members found it easier than ever to find work. Lena Headey has since appeared in films like Gunpowder Milkshake and Fighting with my Family. However, it looks like the actress' post-Game of Thrones career was a bit of a struggle for her, raising more questions and doubts that you would expect.

'Thrones was such a surprise. But there was no part of me that went, "Oh, it's done now. Life's going to be easy." It opened doors, it made certain things easier. It also made things feel harder because you think, "What do I do?",' Headey said.

It seems that the actress found it quite difficult to live without the project she spent nine years on. After starring in such a massive hit as Game of Thrones and relying safely on HBO's huge paychecks, Lena probably considers her later projects to be more of side gigs than real jobs. Is there any room to grow for the star now?

Fortunately, Headey is apparently still keeping her connections with HBO's producers, as she is currently starring in White House Plumbers, a miniseries set during the Watergate scandal, alongside Woody Harrelson and Justin Theroux. In addition, the actress has six upcoming projects listed on IMDb, which means she is unlikely to be without work for the foreseeable future.

In any case, flying solo after nine years of ensemble work is pretty tough, and Lena Headey most likely just misses her Game of Thrones friends and colleagues.

Source: People.