Before They Were Famous: 4 Celebs Who Hit Rock Bottom and Slept Rough

Image credit: Legion-Media

Who would have thought that some of the stars we now love and adore were sleeping rough at one time? Talk about a meteoric rise to fame.

Daniel Craig

Today Daniel is a huge star, famous primarily as the most recent James Bond. However, when he was young, he had to go through some tough times. At age 16, he went to London to join the National Youth Theatre.

He was really low on money, though, so he had to work part time to support himself. The job didn’t pay enough to afford accommodation, so Daniel often had to sleep rough on park benches as whatever little money he made had to go on food.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer was always crazy about dancing and spent all her time perfecting her skills. She always wanted to be a performer but her mom was dead set against it.

She wanted her daughter to get a good education and then pursue her hobbies if she still felt so inclined. But Jennifer didn’t want to waste time on boring lectures, so she was constantly rebelling. One time, Jeniffer ran away from home.

She was determined to go after her dreams and was willing to make sacrifices, which included spending the occasional night outdoors. Fortunately, she didn’t have to do it for long, when studio executives learned about her situation, they allowed her to stay on studio premises.

Halle Berry

Today, Halle lives in a luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills but in her youth she often had to sleep rough, after she moved to New York in search of a good job and a better life.

The money her parents gave her quickly ran out and finding a job proved more challenging than anticipated. Halle was determined not to go back home, so she continued going to job interviews, spending the nights on the street or in homeless shelters.

She finally was able to rent a place and began going to auditions, finding her first small roles. Today, Halle is grateful life taught her a lesson about resilience and how to get up again after you get knocked down.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly got famous when she won in American idol, however, while she was auditioning to participate in the show she was actually sleeping rough outdoors.

When she came to LA, it turned out her apartment had burned down and she had practically no money left to rent someplace else.