Anna Kendrick Thought One of the Best Twilight Scenes Would Be Cut From Film

Anna Kendrick Thought One of the Best Twilight Scenes Would Be Cut From Film
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It looks like the star was fully prepared for her biggest scene to be cut from the movie.

While Twilight is still one of the most popular romantic franchises out there, it's no secret that most of the actors who starred in it don't really like to talk about their experiences, calling the vampire saga a pretty mediocre film series.

Still, it can't be denied that the people behind the scenes of these movies knew their job perfectly, as they managed to turn a rather cheesy book into a billion-dollar franchise.

Anna Kendrick, who played Bella's high school friend Jessica Stanley, is one of those cast members who prefer not to talk about their time in Twilight. However, the actress decided to share a story about filming the iconic graduation scene in which her character gave an incredibly heartfelt speech that made millions of fans around the world shed a tear.

'I mostly remember being like, "Oh, the scene went okay, maybe they cut it, I don't know." And then seeing it in the movie, it really was one of those things where you have a better understanding of the way the editing plays. Because every time they cut to Kristen, she is so good and she is being so moved by what I'm saying,' Kendrick said.

Apparently, the actress was quite surprised that a scene she thought was underwhelming turned out to be a real tear-jerker after editing, proving once again that Twilight's creative team was top-notch. Viewers loved seeing how affected Bella was by her friend's speech, and thanks to some clever editing, that seemingly mediocre scene was not only saved, but turned into a real treat.

However, not all of the scenes shot for the Twilight movies were saved in the same way. For years, fans of the vampire saga have been obsessed with seeing some of the scenes left on the cutting room floor, wondering why the creators decided to release the films without them.

In any case, it's great that the graduation scene made it into the movie's final cut, as Anna Kendrick's supporting character totally deserved at least one big moment to steal the show from the lead actors.

Source: Vanity Fair.