American Idol Season 21: List of Final 8 Announced

American Idol Season 21: List of Final 8 Announced
Image credit: ABC

The Final 8 has just been revealed, and fans are shocked.

The current season of American Idol has already cemented itself as one of the most interesting in recent years, and not because of great singers or memorable performances. Season 21 has been riddled with controversy from the start, with judge Katy Perry frequently making fun of singers for no apparent reason, Ryan Seacrest berating finalists for failing to advance in the competition, and bad singers beating out great ones.

Yes, it's been a rough season for American Idol this year, but at least fans are interested in the show again and eager to see what controversies will arise in the future.

It looks like the producers were hoping that the long-awaited announcement of this season's Final 8 would make the audience happy, but that did not happen at all, as fans were pretty angry that some great singers were eliminated and some pretty underwhelming ones made it to the finale.

Here are all eight finalists of American Idol Season 21:

  • Colin Stough
  • Haven Madison
  • Iam Tongi
  • Megan Danielle
  • Oliver Steele
  • Warren Peay
  • Wé Ani
  • Zachariah Smith

Yes, you read that right — for some inexplicable reason, Tyson Venegas was eliminated from the competition as Katy Perry decided to save Oliver instead. While the Final 8 looks pretty reasonable in terms of sheer vocal quality, many fans can't help but feel underwhelmed, arguing that country and R&B singers once again took over the spotlight, leaving little room for the performers of other genres.

Also, people are quite shocked that Haven made it to the Final 8, as her performances throughout the season were not as inspiring as the producers had hoped, leading viewers to believe that the voting for her might have been a bit rigged.

'My theory is that the computer science teacher at Haven's high school made it a term project for everyone to create a bot that votes for Haven,' one fan wrote.

But hey, at least two of this season's most controversial contestants, Nutsa and Lucy Love, were eliminated as fans argued they didn't even deserve a spot in the Top 12.

Let's see what the rest of Season 21 has in store for the contestants and fans. The next episode of American Idol will air on Sunday May 7, 2023.