American Idol Fans Are All Conflicted About Lucy Love's Demeanour

American Idol Fans Are All Conflicted About Lucy Love's Demeanour
Image credit: ABC

Lucy seems to be changing, and not for the better.

American Idol Season 21 has already become one of the most controversial seasons in reality singing competition history, with Katy Perry's odd comments and Ryan Seacrest's harsh remarks making it a tough experience for many fans.

Now, it seems that one of the season's most genuine performers, Lucy Love, is transforming into someone she never was, making fans feel ill at ease.

Lucy garnered significant attention during her audition owing to her single mom story and challenging financial situation. However, she soon demonstrated that there was a lot more to her than her backstory: her impressive voice won over both fans and judges. Yet, after her audition and initial performances, she began to change drastically, culminating in a peculiar performance of the Imagine Dragons track Radioactive in a desperate bid to break into the Top 12.

Despite her beautiful vocals, fans couldn't ignore her newfound antics, noting that her affected facial expressions didn't suit her character, making her come across as trying too hard to put on an act. It reeked of desperation. Many believe her challenging real-life circumstances are to blame, making her willing to go to any lengths to reach the top.

‘Being a single mom in struggling circumstances, she is trying to appear more enthusiastic but it’s not coming across as intended. She appears a little aggressive and/or desperate. She needs it real bad and she’s so close,’ one fan said.

The explanation seems plausible as Lucy's attitude clearly began to change as she got closer to winning the competition. Although the judges allowed her to advance to the Top 12, fans are urging Lucy to avoid repeating the same mistakes. They hope she will perform her next song as genuinely as possible, without any false bravado.

American Idol Season 21 Episode 15 will premiere on ABC on April 30, 2023.

Source: Reddit.