AJLT Cast Shut Chris Noth Out Completely After Sexual Assault Claims

AJLT Cast Shut Chris Noth Out Completely After Sexual Assault Claims
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The actor is sad that he was left out, but the fans are not.

Just a decade ago, Chris Noth was considered one of the most talented and dashing actors in television, with high-profile appearances on shows like Law & Order, The Good Wife, and Sex and The City. However, after being accused of sexual misconduct by several women, the actor's career crumbled, and he was fired from both The Equalizer and And Just Like That…, in which his character, Mr. Big, was killed off.

Now, years after the allegations against Noth became public, it seems the actor is still upset that his former co-stars left him out in the cold.

Considering that the allegations never resulted in any legal trouble for the actor and he was never charged with sexual harassment, it's pretty obvious that Noth is legally innocent at this point. With that in mind, some of the sources close to the actor shared his sadness over the fact that Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon have iced Noth out in the wake of the allegations against him, refusing to speak to or even send him birthday cards.

It appears that, even though Noth was never charged with the crimes he was accused of, the majority of his fans and people who worked with him are quite sure that he is still guilty. They see Noth as a toxic person and are distancing themselves from him.

'I wonder why that may be… can't quite put my finger on it… In all seriousness, the delusion and audacity is appalling. I hope the victim/survivor is doing okay,' one fan said.

On the other hand, many people accuse Sarah Jessica Parker (and the rest of SATC's cast) of hypocrisy, arguing that she must have known about the actor's dubious behavior all along — especially since she had been dating the man for nearly two decades when he was publicly accused of sexual assault.

'I'm not excusing Chris at all, but I'm sure the cast all knew about the allegations and only iced him out when they became public. Typical Hollywood reaction,' another fan noted.

And Just Like That… Season 2 Episode 3 will arrive on Max on June 29, 2023.

Source: Reddit.