AI Sorted The Office Characters into Hogwarts Houses; Things Got Weird

AI Sorted The Office Characters into Hogwarts Houses; Things Got Weird
Image credit: Legion-Media

Fans surprisingly agree with AI's take on what would happen if The Office shared the universe with Harry Potter.

Following the current trend of asking AI about everything, a fan came up with a brilliant idea — if every main character from The Office was asked to wear a Sorting Hat, which house would they have been sent to?

The fan used Midjourney to generate the images and ChatGPT to find out AI's stance on the question. The results were somewhat surprising, but the majority of the fandom tend to agree with them. Here they come!

Ravenclaw – Jim, Oscar, Toby

These characters don't seem to have anything in common at first glance, but the AI managed to find a few common traits in their personalities. In particular, all three characters strive for knowledge and are creative and very intelligent.

While some fans really wanted Jim to be part of the Gryffindor team, AI thought otherwise!

Hufflepuff – Michael, Kevin, Phyllis, Andy

While all of these characters may look a little silly, any fan of The Office knows that they are also fiercely loyal and kind people who will always lend a helping hand to their friends in need. And these are exactly the kind of traits to enroll in the Hufflepuff house, don't you think?

Gryffindor – Pam, Darryl, Kelly, Meredith

These four characters are all the epitome of determination and risk. For example, Pam's arc proves this just perfectly, as she managed to go from a secretary in the first season to a truly determined artist.

The stories of Darryl, Kelly, and Meredith may not be as interesting as Pam's, but fans still argue that they all deserve to be in Gryffindor.

Slytherin – Dwight, Angela, Stanley, Ryan, Creed

The most 'evil' house at Hogwarts found plenty of new members, as these five manipulative, selfish, and just plain weird characters were chosen by the AI to join Team Green. While all these characters, apart from Ryan, are not really trying to hurt anyone, their basic character traits were enough to make them true Slytherinians.

Did you think that AI experiment was cool? Watch the video yourself!