After Eight Years of Vera: Why Did Kenny Doughty Finally Call It Quits?

After Eight Years of Vera: Why Did Kenny Doughty Finally Call It Quits?
Image credit: ITV

The popular actor left the hit crime series, and fans are not sure why.

ITV's Vera has been one of the UK's most popular crime dramas since it premiered in 2011, with fans falling head over heels for the unorthodox DCI Vera Stanhope, played with warmth by Brenda Blethyn.

With each episode running the length of a feature film, viewers have had plenty of time to get to know Vera and her colleagues, building a real emotional connection with the entire cast.

That's why the audience was so shocked by the news that Kenny Doughty, who has played DS Aiden Healy since 2015, was leaving the show.

Kenny was an integral part of Vera's appeal, perfectly complementing the main star with his great sense of humor and superb ability to remain visible without overshadowing the other actors.

He spent eight long years as the star of Vera and just recently revealed that his time on the show had come to an end, posting a heartfelt message on his Instagram.

'I want to thank everyone who's made this amazing time so joyous, ITV, Silverprint, all the brilliant cast and crew BUT of course my buddy & inspiration Brenda Blethyn. The perfect leading star who I owe so much to. I feel lucky to have you as a friend, you make me howl with laughter & have been a rock for me over the years. I can't thank you enough. Precious times,' Kenny wrote.

Fans are surprised that the actor decided to quit so suddenly and wondered why he would want to say goodbye to Vera after eight years. While Doughty hasn't revealed the reasons behind his exit, it's definitely not because of any problems behind the scenes, as the entire cast of Vera supported him in his tough decision to leave and wished him the best in his future roles.

Perhaps Kenny just got tired of playing the same character over and over again, and the production of each episode of Vera takes up a lot of time, leaving the actor no time to experiment with other projects.

With his newfound freedom, Kenny Doughty is sure to prove his acting chops in many exciting roles in the future.