After 13 Years on the Air, Blue Bloods Deserves a Better Conclusion Than CBS Will Give It

After 13 Years on the Air, Blue Bloods Deserves a Better Conclusion Than CBS Will Give It
Image credit: CBS

Season 14 will be dragged out throughout the next year.


  • Blue Bloods remains one of CBS' flagship series.
  • Season 14 will premiere in the coming months and conclude the show.
  • It would have seemingly been better to postpone the fourteenth installment until the next fall season.

Since its debut in 2010, Blue Bloods has been one of the most popular police procedurals on television. Centered on the Reagan family, a law enforcement dynasty, the show has captivated audiences for thirteen seasons with its intriguing plots, thrilling crime mysteries and character drama. As a result, the show boasts an impressive and loyal fandom who are upset that their beloved series will not be returning this year due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Fortunately, both strikes are effectively over and production has resumed on the fourteenth and final installment of Blue Bloods. In addition, Season 14 is already scheduled to premiere on February 16. However, the show's impending return may prove controversial. While it's great to have BB back on the air in the near future, such a quick return could have a detrimental effect on the overall quality of the upcoming season.

Blue Bloods Season 14

The upcoming final installment of the fan-favorite CBS drama will premiere on February 16, 2024. This will make it one of the network's many shows to make a midseason return following the conclusion of the writers and actors strike. Others include NCIS, Young Sheldon, FBI and Ghosts. However, the return of Blue Bloods will be different.

Although Young Sheldon will also be back for its final season, it will have a compressed season that will air throughout the spring of 2024. The fourteenth installment of Blue Bloods, on the other hand, will have a different run.

Split into two parts, Season 14 of BB will premiere with ten episodes in February, take a summer hiatus, and return next fall with another eight episodes. In other words, it will take another year to wrap up the popular crime drama.

Upsides vs Downsides

On the positive side, it's absolutely wonderful that Season 14 of Blue Bloods won't be overly condensed to wrap up before the summer of 2024, like Young Sheldon. As a result, the writers have plenty of screen time to deliver the stories of fan-favorite characters and bring them to a logical conclusion without cutting out too much.

On the flip side, it appears that the plot of the fourteenth season may be dragged out – hence the long summer hiatus – which is a disservice to Blue Bloods. Besides, the audience will have to wait longer to see the conclusion of the beloved series. Under the circumstances, it would have been more logical to postpone Season 14 until next fall and air it as usual.

Hopefully, the upcoming final season of BB won't be an utter disappointment.