Actors Who Can't Stand Their Iconic Roles: a Comprehensive List

Image credit: Legion-Media

"I never wanted to be a typecast, I just wanted to be a type-A."

Halle Berry — Catwoman

When the director Pitof conceived the idea of making a film about Catwoman, he decided that no one could do the role better than the Oscar-winning Halle Berry. Participation in this project has helped the actress with depression, which she developed after the divorce with her husband Eric Benet. According to the Hollywood star, the film saved her life.

The actress admits that she needed to become Catwoman, to regain control of her life. As a result, she developed feelings and sensations that were long gone: freedom, sexuality, her own power and the ability to play without rules.

But she did not know then that the film Catwoman would be the worst not only in her career, but in the entire world of cinema. The film was nominated for Golden Raspberry and Halle won the award for Worst Actress. It is noteworthy that she came on stage with an Oscar statuette and admitted that she did not expect that this project would ruin her career, and the creators of the film would involve her in such a terrible thing.

Robert Pattinson — Twilight

Robert became known for his role in the Twilight saga, but few people know that it is this project that the actor dislikes the most. Pattinson is not thrilled with both the screenplay and Stephenie Meyer’s work in general and his character Edward Cullen.

Robert confessed in one of the interviews that he could not portray the character that was so perfect, and for that he hated him. And that was how he played him — a manic-depressive person who hates himself. Pattinson added that Cullen is a 108-year-old virgin, so he definitely has some issues.

However, the project itself was a great success for the actor, because after that his career went uphill, and also that was where he met his first love.

Megan Fox — Transformers

Megan Fox became famous thanks to the Transformers franchise directed by Michael Bay. Many were against her, believing that she would not be able to handle such important work. But Megan did everything just fine and became the icon she is today.

However, during the pre-production of third part Megan spoke negatively about the film, and about the director himself, comparing him with Hitler. After such words, the producer Steven Spielberg demanded that Fox be fired. But no matter what the actress says, it will remain one of the most significant works in her career.

Kate Winslet — Titanic

Surprisingly, Kate Winslet is not very fond of the cult film Titanic.

The actress is already tired of asking fans not to remind her of the character she played. Kate refuses to sign autographs on photos with Rose. In addition, Winslet doesn't want to watch the movie because she is annoyed by the fake American accent with which she spoke at the time. The actress also shudders at the song "My Heart Will Go On".

Sean Connery — James Bond

The James Bond series brought Sean Connery worldwide fame. For many fans, it was he who became the iconic 007, but Connery himself hated the role, saying that he would gladly kill the agent, if he could.

Jessica Alba — Fantastic Four

Her work on this project seriously affected Jessica. She was worried whether she made the right decision to star in Fantastic Four, and also doubted her chosen profession. According to her, the director of the film Tim Story gave her instructions that she did not know how to follow. For example, he did not like that Jessica cried too naturally, saying she should do it more beautifully.

Tim insisted that she should just look at the camera with a beautiful expression, and the tears would be added later in post-production. Jessica was confused, she did not know how she could play the role if she was not allowed to experience her character’s feelings.

Daniel Radcliffe — Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Today, it is impossible to imagine the Harry Potter movie series without Daniel Radcliffe. Believe it or not, but sometimes the actor has been unhappy with his work. He is particularly ashamed of the sixth part and thinks he played very poorly in it.

The actor says that he does not like watching him play in movies, but forces himself to sit through until the end. Radcliffe admits that the worst one for him was the sixth one, saying that he was abysmally bad in it, while the best one was the fifth, because he could see the progress he had made, compared with the previous installments.