5 Twilight Fan Theories That Fix Canon and Make It Way Better

5 Twilight Fan Theories That Fix Canon and Make It Way Better
Image credit: Legion-Media

Fans appear to be gearing up to help the Twilight writers improve the franchise.

With the recent announcement of Lionsgate developing a Twilight reboot, the original books' and movies' aficionados are rejoicing, hopeful that the new version will rectify the past flaws while maintaining the charm of Forks and its surroundings.

Five fan theories may help the reboot's writers better understand what worked in the original and what didn't:

Jacob never imprints with Renesmee

The Twilight saga's most contentious plot line unfolds at the very end of the final movie, with werewolf Jacob imprinting (forming a lifelong bond) with Edward and Bella's newborn, Renesmee. Jacob assures her parents he'll wait for Renesmee to mature before committing to her for eternity. Understandably, this idea of an adult man fixating on an infant disturbed many fans.

Since the final movie's release, they've crafted alternative narratives where the imprinting never happens.

Jacob falls in love with Leah

Instead of forming an attachment with Bella's child, fans propose that a more suitable love interest for Jacob could be Leah, a fellow werewolf. Given their mutual adulthood and the ability to use their powers without causing fear, they make a good couple. Furthermore, fans believe Leah, often overlooked in the movies, deserves more affection as a character.

Jasper makes everyone love Alice

Although Alice is undeniably a popular character, fans were perplexed about why her family tolerated her eccentricities. A fan theory proposes that Jasper, possessing the ability to manipulate emotions, employs his powers to ensure everyone adores Alice, regardless of her odd behaviour.

Leah starts her own wolf pack

Fans express dissatisfaction over the vague details of Leah's life post-Twilight saga, accusing the writers of neglecting her narrative.

Consequently, the notion of Leah leaving Forks to establish an all-female wolf pack appeals to many, as fans believe this storyline could re-establish Leah as a formidable character.

Carlisle has a gift (but keeps it a secret)

Fans have always been intrigued by Carlisle's distinctiveness compared to other vampires, even though his abilities were never described in the saga. Some fans have ingeniously suggested that Carlisle's hidden talent is that he can make people around him like him.