5 Things in Sex Education Finale That Actually Worked

5 Things in Sex Education Finale That Actually Worked
Image credit: Netflix

The hit show ended on a somewhat depressing note.

Netflix's Sex Education has undeniably been one of the most popular shows in the streaming giant's catalog, but there is no denying that the last season left a long to be desired. Fan-favorite characters were sidelined in favor of new ones, storylines grew increasingly convoluted, and the show started to lose its feel-good ambiance. The writers seemingly made a genuine effort to properly wrap up the original characters' arcs, but the result was not nearly as good as fans had hoped. Yet, the last season wasn’t all bad, either.

Here are five things Sex Education got right in Season 4:

5. Adam And His Father

The narrative of Adam and his father has disheartened fans since Season 1, as both men struggled to comprehend and value each other. Fortunately, in Season 4, the relationship between the two gradually mended, culminating in a rather heartwarming moment of acceptance and love.

4. Aime Learning To Enjoy Life Again

After being sexually assaulted on the bus in a previous season, Aimee began grappling with self-loathing and identity issues. However, after making friends with Isaac, she is finally able to convince herself that she deserves love. That resulted in one of the season's standout scenes when Aimee confronted the male workers who catcalled her.

3. Important Questions Addressed

Although the season's primary flaw was that it put too much emphasis on the new characters at the expense of the old ones, the finale still managed to address numerous important issues, including gender dysphoria, postpartum depression, and asexuality.

2. Eric Finally Being Accepted

Eric's journey to disclose his sexuality to his friends and family has been a central storyline since Season 1. However, it was in the last season that Eric was finally accepted by everyone around him, including the members of his church!

1. Otis Left Alone

Despite many fans expressing disappointment that Otis did not end up with either Maeve or Ruby in the series finale, this was actually a rather clever decision by the writers. It allowed them to illustrate that first loves do not always endure and that sometimes it's important to learn to be comfortable alone instead of pursuing relationships at all costs.