5 Reasons We Need Bill Nighy and Anna Wintour to Officially Date, ASAP!

5 Reasons We Need Bill Nighy and Anna Wintour to Officially Date, ASAP!
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It looks like this year's Met Gala brought us a new fan-favorite celebrity ship.

While the 2023 Met Gala has been a bit of a disappointment in terms of fashion, one thing (aside from the cockroach) managed to get fans quite interested — seeing Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour on the red carpet with British actor Bill Nighy, seemingly confirming their relationship status. While Nighy's rep later clarified that the two are just good friends and not lovers, the couple did look so good together on the night that sending them off is no longer an option.

Here are five reasons why Nighy and Wintour should date.

They look great together

Of all the couples on the Met Gala red carpet, Wintour and Nighy certainly looked the happiest, radiating joy and care for each other. And no one can deny that they look gorgeous as a couple too, with Wintour's unorthodox sense of style and Nighy's slender frame and penchant for well-tailored suits.

They are close friends

In fact, rumors of Nighy and Wintour dating were a thing long before the Met Gala, as the two were often seen dining together and visiting the red carpets of some of Nighy's films. While it is unclear if the two have dated at any point in their lives, one thing is for sure — they are great friends who enjoy each other's company, and who can think of a better romantic foundation than that?

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They send a message

Fans were happy to see Nighy and Wintour on the red carpet at the Met Gala because they are the same age, and other older actors often choose to date young girls. Nighy and Wintour are both experienced people, so seeing them together means a lot to the older generation of fans, proving that love and relationships are not just for the young.

They are both fashion maniacs

While Wintour's stature in the fashion world shouldn't have to be explained, as she is perhaps the most influential person in the entire industry, Nighy is a bit more tricky than her in that regard.

While the actor is undoubtedly a fashion icon, with his well-tailored suits and eyeglasses becoming a trademark of his style a long time ago, not everyone knows that Nighy is also a frequent visitor to fashion shows.

They look like the perfect supervillain couple

Wintour's infamous antics and reputation as a tyrant have been known for some time, making her seem like an extremely difficult person to share a life with. While Nighy has always looked like a perfectly calm and charming man, his many villainous roles in films prove that he can also be the bad guy, and that's what makes him and Wintour a power couple in their own right.