Young Sheldon’s BTS Video Makes Sheldon & Missy's Scene Even More Touching

Young Sheldon’s BTS Video Makes Sheldon & Missy's Scene Even More Touching
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Episode 17's director shares heart-warming clips on his Instagram as the show veers off from its titular character.

With its sixth season coming to an end in a month, Young Sheldon has had a good run since 2017 when it appeared as a spin-off of the tremendously popular The Big Bang Theory.

Although Season 6 has turned its attention away from the young genius himself to focus more on his family members, recent Episode 17 has found a way to incorporate the titular character into the story — and in a very touching way, too.

(Caution: the following text may contain spoilers)

As Missy's runaway plan is revealed when she and Paige get arrested on their way to Florida and have to be picked up by their parents, Sheldon's twin sister is grounded and cannot watch her favorite TV show — 90210. Naturally, the teenager is devastated, but Sheldon comes to her rescue, telling Missy about what's happening on the show.

This act of bonding of the twins was surely very touching, and fans were also moved as they saw a behind-the-scenes clip shared by Kabir Akhtar, the episode's director:

Apart from being the actors' last 2022 take together, that touching scene with Sheldon and Missy was a very nice way to bring the younger Coopers to the forefront of the story. Sheldon and his twin sister have had a complicated but amicable relationship, and it's important that they stay this way as the Cooper's family are going through the tough times.

On TBBT, Missy is still one of the most important people in Sheldon's life and is regularly mentioned on the parent show.

It's very nice that the writers have brought them together during the ongoing family crisis, and it's even more heart-warming to see the actors fooling around on the set and obviously enjoying their time on the fan-favorite show.

The next episode of Young Sheldon will air on April 27, 2023.

Source: Kabir Akhtar's Instagram