Young Sheldon Fans Agree George's Death Couldn't Have Been Approached Better

Young Sheldon Fans Agree George's Death Couldn't Have Been Approached Better
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The dreaded moment happened in the best possible manner.


  • George Sr.'s inevitable death has been a hot topic for seasons of Young Sheldon.
  • It was like an ice bath at the end of the seemingly upbeat twelfth episode.
  • Fans of the show are pleased with how YS has handled George's death.

For the past few seasons of Young Sheldon, fans have been dreading one thing and one thing only – the untimely death of Sheldon's father George, who, according to Big Bang Theory lore, passed away just before the future Dr. Cooper left for CalTech at the age of fourteen. And since the patriarch of the Cooper family is the ultimate fan favorite on the show, it is no surprise that viewers were so concerned about how his inevitable death would be handled on the show.

There were speculations and theories about George's death and its immense impact on the overall dynamic of Young Sheldon and how it would ruin the comedic nature of the TBBT spin-off. As a result, most YS fans agreed that they would rather have it happen quietly off-screen and not have the audience plunged into the drama of it all. After all, George Sr. died in Season 7, Episode 12. And the consensus is that the show has handled it in the best possible way.

A Low-Note Ending

The episode 'A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture' was generally very upbeat. George was offered a coaching position at Rice University, which was very well received and approved by Mary, so the Coopers planned to sell their house and move to Houston. While Missy was very excited about the move, Sheldon was very upset about the change, even though he was about to move to Pasadena and leave the family nest behind.

At the same time, the Coopers were preparing for a family photo shoot, which, according to Sheldon's narration, was a long-standing Texas tradition that had made generations of Texans miserable. And just as the characters were about to leave to have their pictures taken, the grim news of George's sudden death from a heart attack came to shock the entire family.

Were you pleased with how George's death was handled on Young Sheldon?

Fan Reception

Needless to say, most fans of Young Sheldon were relieved not to witness the tragedy of their favorite character's death. They're glad there was no fuss and dramatization over the somber moment, but there was still plenty of emotion involved in the scene.

'The way they handled George's death was so very well done. We got the good version, where we don't see him go, and it's that much more impactful when his friends arrive and tell the Cooper family. I loved their reactions, especially Sheldon's: just sitting there, processing this news,' one Reddit user observed.

With next week's episode titled 'Funeral,' there will be more drama following George's death. But the fact remains that the tragedy has been handled perfectly on Young Sheldon, honoring TBBT lore and preserving the heartfelt yet lighthearted nature of Young Sheldon.

Young Sheldon's two-part grand finale airs May 16.

Source: Reddit.