Yellowstone Seems Intent on Making the Whole Costner Mess Even Worse

Yellowstone Seems Intent on Making the Whole Costner Mess Even Worse
Image credit: globallookpress, Paramount

That was awkward…

Each year, the TV industry showcases the best in television by presenting festivals like PaleyFest, which is designed to connect audiences with the actors and producers of their favorite shows. The purpose of the event is to promote upcoming, highly anticipated TV shows as well as answer questions from fans and the media.

Consequently, when PaleyFest announced that the headliner for this year’s event was Yellowstone, many people were thrilled at the opportunity to hear Taylor Sheridan and Kevin Costner discuss the show in person.

However, what actually happened at the event was far worse, and much more awkward.

According to Emily Longeretta, who was present covering the festival for Variety, neither Sheridan nor Costner was in attendance. Furthermore, most of the primary cast skipped the event, likely because of the ongoing rift between the two Hollywood heavyweights.

Costner has reportedly been pressuring Yellowstone for a higher salary, as well as less of a commitment to the remainder of shooting season five. It has conflicted with Sheridan, who is apparently willing to hold the show hostage until Costner meets his demands.

What’s worse, Longeretta added that the cast and crew present at PaleyFest had no additional updates regarding part 2 of season five of Yellowstone. That’s bad news considering the show was supposed to resume filming in March or April. Now, with no end to the feud in sight, it could seriously hamper the eventual outcome of season five.

Most Redditors agree that having Costner and Sheridan absent from PaleyFest is not a good look. As one Redditor jokingly put it, season five is quickly becoming the “FryeFest of TV shows.” If that is not enough, others acknowledge that anyone optimistic about Yellowstone ending on a high note is severely mistaken.

PaleyFest is one of the prime TV events of the year, and considering Yellowstone was headlining this year’s festival, having Costner and Sheridan a no-show is inexcusable.

Furthermore, it just felt bizarre and awkward for the remaining cast and crew that did decide to make an appearance. It appears that Costner may finally be fed up with the popular TV series and ready to move on. Even worse, Redditors indicated that legal teams might be getting involved, hence the “gag order” on the event.

Regardless, very few can find anything positive about the no-show. Sheridan is dealing with an ongoing issue while still trying to delegate all his other responsibilities with the numerous spin-offs and side projects.

Yes, the substitute of Matthew McConaughey may satisfy some fans, but most do not want to see Yellowstone replaced. They simply want to see it finish.