Worst-rated Outlander Episode Was the Moment the Show Went Downhill

Worst-rated Outlander Episode Was the Moment the Show Went Downhill
Image credit: Starz

Fans were not okay with a huge drop in quality in one episode in season three.

Starz's hit time-traveling series Outlander, based on the best-selling series of novels by Diana Gabaldon, has been one of the most popular fantasy series since it premiered in 2014, with fans praising both the amazing production and the wonderful romantic dynamic between Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser.

However, like many other long-running series, Outlander has had its share of questionable moments, and 'Crème de Menthe,' one of the episodes in season three, is considered to be the most controversial of the bunch.

In the previous episode, Claire and Jamie finally reunite after 20 years apart, and 'Crème de Menthe' serves as a nice showcase for their resurrected love for each other. And though it's filled with tender scenes of the two lovers enjoying their restored romance, the episode still didn't connect well with the viewers, as many of them found the story to be boring and unconvincing.

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While the idea of witnessing the two characters meet after such a long break was a solid ground for building an exceptionally dramatic storyline, fans feel that the writers simply failed to do so, turning the entire episode into a collection of boring scenes.

Fans claim that the chemistry between the two leads was completely absent in this episode, making it clear that Claire and Jamie didn't have strong feelings for each other.

Fans also noted that all of the previous episodes showed plenty of strong emotions that were realistically conveyed by the actors, so the fact that 'Crème de Menthe' presented viewers with such empty drama was really disappointing.

They suspect that the show's departure from Gabaldon's original writing is to blame, as in the books, Claire and Jamie's meeting after years apart was an extraordinarily romantic moment.

Though many viewers cited this episode as the moment Outlander went downhill, the show managed to prove the naysayers wrong by producing three well-received seasons that explored Claire and Jamie's relationship with much more care and passion.