Worst Grey's Anatomy Character Was The Epitome of Toxic Masculinity

Image credit: Legion-Media

This medical drama, which is better known for its hot office romances than medical cases, has also managed to create one of the most toxically masculine male characters in television history.

Every Grey’s Anatomy fan has a different opinion on the best love story or the best character but when it comes to the worst character, seemingly everyone who’s ever seen the show agrees it’s got to be the male nurse Eli Lloyd, one of the worst examples of toxic masculinity. Well, that is, everyone who remembers the guy agrees he totally sucked ass on a whole bunch of levels. Eli was introduced as a love interest of Miranda Bailey’s after she split up with her future husband Ben.

Most viewers were completely taken aback by Eli’s antics, which still somehow managed to work wonders on Miranda’s broken heart. He was arrogant and demanding, forcing Miranda to make serious commitments in their relationship, even though she said from the start she wasn’t looking for anything serious. Eli seemed to be constantly obsessed with asserting his male superiority over all the female characters in the show, ultimately becoming a caricature of toxic masculinity in the workplace.

And yet, despite being a complete asshole, Eli has a small but devoted fan following, people who blame Miranda for ruining their relationship. Like when Eli suggested he should meet Miranda’s children, and she refused, saying he was nothing but a plaything for her: now that was cold. But we need to bear in mind that Eli’s tactics of constantly twisting Miranda’s arms into taking steps she wasn’t ready for left Miranda no choice. She had to draw a line and protect her personal space, regardless of the consequences.

This supporting character not only left a bad taste in the mouths of many fans, but he also helped us better understand Miranda’s issues with men, seeing how her first husband was in many ways just a variation on Eli. He too felt insecure because of Miranda’s more successful career and complained about having to babysit while she was working shifts at the hospital. It seems like toxic masculinity is Miranda’s type and marrying Ben, a caring and loving man, was ultimately just an accident.

Eli Lloyd has definitely gone down in Grey’s Anatomy history as one of the worst romantic characters in the history of television and made quite a few viewers scream at their TV sets in disgust and disbelief.