Wondering About Barbie Post-Credits Scenes? It's All Marvel's Fault

Wondering About Barbie Post-Credits Scenes? It's All Marvel's Fault
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Barbie proved you don't need to cater to clichés to succeed.

If you were one of those who stayed in the theater during Barbie's credits, waiting for a mid-credits or post-credits scene, you may have been disappointed that Greta Gerwig's film had neither. But what if this waste of time actually taught us something important? Namely, that not every project needs to mirror blockbusters to become a hit.

Post-credits scenes first appeared in the 1960s, but it was Marvel that took them to the next level. The studio made sure that the audience had to sit through the name of every single member of the crew by including both mid-credits and post-credits scenes in its projects. And for viewers, it became a kind of fun game, an Easter egg hunt.

It got to the point where the absence of such scenes in a Marvel movie was taken as a statement, as it was with 2022's Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Moreover, in the modern era of high-grossing franchises, post-credits scenes often tease the next installment, which is actively used by companies beyond Marvel.

All of this has trained viewers' subconscious, making us uncomfortable leaving the theater before the final credits roll. And it makes filmmakers operate within the comfort zone. What do audiences love and expect? Post-credits scenes? Let's give them one.

To be fair, Barbie did originally have a post-credits scene. It was not a setup for the sequel, which may never happen, but a cameo by the film's narrator, Helen Mirren. In the scene, the iconic actress helps a pregnant Barbie Midge after she goes into labor. The images of the scene were shared on Instagram by Tom Clark, who played one of the dancing Kens.

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While fun, the scene was eventually cut from the movie, and that was probably a good symbolic decision. Barbie may not be the ideal project, but it feels fresh and is definitely loved by audiences around the world. In large part, it was Greta Gerwig's out-of-the-box choices that ensured its success — and maybe pop culture needs more of that.

Source: Instagram.