Winston & Maggie Just Don't Work in Grey's Anatomy: Maybe It's Time for a Breakup

Image credit: ABC

It looks like one of the medical drama's brightest marriages may be falling apart in the near future.

ABC's hit medical series has always been loved by fans for its impeccable mix of fascinating and complex cases and the relationship dramas that take place between members of the hospital team. All the characters on Grey's Anatomy had something interesting going on in their personal lives every season — some marriages have ended in divorce, and there have been plenty of fresh romances and new crushes.

And though fans always want the marriages portrayed on the show to last forever, it looks like Maggie and Winston's relationship should come to an end in the near future.

The couple were happy with each other at first, but as soon as Maggie was appointed head of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department, everything started to fall apart. Being a cardiothoracic surgeon himself, Winston became subordinate to his wife, who began to treat him very differently at work.

Of course, as head of the hospital's major department, Maggie has every right and obligation to leave her preferences towards her spouse at home, but viewers still think she's just too keen to insult Winston.

Maggie clearly enjoys arguing with her husband, using her newfound power as a final argument and strictly controlling his actions and work schedule. Naturally, Winston is offended by his wife's attitude, but he did suggest that he could change his specialty and move to another department to try and save their marriage.

Maggie's response was as cruel as ever — she said she had no respect for Winston, and that further infuriated fans.

People are convinced that as long as Maggie is head of Cardiothoracic Surgery, their marriage is almost doomed, so transferring Winston to another department would be the best move to save their relationship.

Other fans have no illusions that this marriage could last, urging the series' writers to break up the couple permanently. And while everyone agrees this divorce would be heartbreaking for both characters and the audience, seeing Maggy treat her husband with utter disrespect is much more hurtful, viewers think.