Will There Be The Hangover Part VI? The Major Movie Star Says He's All In

Will There Be The Hangover Part VI? The Major Movie Star Says He's All In
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However, he doubts that it's possible.


  • The Hangover is one of the few popular comedy franchises.
  • The film series has moderate scores.
  • Bradley Cooper would agree to reprise his role in a fourth movie.

What comes to mind when you think of franchises? You're probably thinking of blockbuster movie franchises like the MCU, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter or Twilight, which have legions of fans around the world and exist far beyond the silver screen. But there are outstanding comedy franchises as well.

The American Pie franchise is arguably the longest, with a whopping nine big-screen installments. However, it's not the most financially successful, having grossed just $990 million across all nine films. By comparison, Todd Phillips' The Hangover trilogy earned a staggering $1.42 billion. Given its success, a fourth installment might seem inevitable. And fortunately, the franchise's star seems eager to reprise his role if there is to be another movie.

The Hangover Franchise

First released in 2009, Todd Phillips' comedy quickly became a favorite with audiences who enjoyed its raunchy humor. Starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis, The Hangover followed four best friends as they endured all kinds of misadventures during their bachelor party trips to various locations.

Eventually, the franchise became a classic of the early 2010s, spanning three installments. At the same time, it was never really praised for its quality. Despite The Hangover's astonishing box office returns, the series has pretty mediocre scores on IMDb - 7.7, 6.5, and 5.8 for the three movies, respectively. But the franchise is so beloved by audiences and cast alike that its stars are eager to make another installment.

Is Part VI Possible?

Bradley Cooper, who played Phil Wenneck in the movies, recently spoke out in favor of a fourth part of the popular comedy series. However, the actor doesn't think it's on the table. According to him, the franchise's creator doesn't seem to have any plans regarding the future of The Hangover.

'I would probably do Hangover IV in an instant. Just because I love Todd, I love Zach, I love Ed so much, I probably would,' Cooper revealed in an interview. 'I don't think Todd is ever going to do that.'

In the end, it doesn't look like Part VI of The Hangover franchise will ever be made. Currently, Bradley Cooper is starring in Maestro, a Netflix biopic about legendary composer Leonard Bernstein, which he also wrote and directed. Maestro has been in theaters since November 22.

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