Will There Be a Red, White & Royal Blue Sequel? The Film Star Weighs In

Will There Be a Red, White & Royal Blue Sequel? The Film Star Weighs In
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Given the author's creativity, it's more than possible.


  • RW&RB is one of the most prominent non-theatrical film releases of 2023.
  • It was the best rom com of this summer.
  • Nothing is yet certain about the film's continuation.

Although 2023 is almost over, we will see more movie premieres in December. For instance, Poor Things, starring Emma Stone, Willem Dafoe and Mark Ruffalo, will be released in a week – on December 8th. This just goes to show how movie-rich this year has been.

Marvel has released four films, DC – two, Greta Gerwig's Barbie has become the highest grossing film of 2023, while Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer is one of the main contenders for the upcoming Oscars. Together, these and many other films are considered to have revived the film industry after the devastation of the Covid-19 pandemic. But there have been smaller premieres that have also made their mark on cinema history. Prime Video's Red, White & Royal Blue may well be one of them.

The Rom Com of Summer 2023

Released in early August, Red, White & Royal Blue immediately captivated audiences with its intriguing portrayal of an unlikely and seemingly inappropriate romance between a fictional U.S. first son and a British prince. While the movie's naïveté may have been off-putting, its feel-good ambience attracted hordes of fans who fell in love with the story and the main characters, played by Taylor Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine.

In this light, it is no surprise that viewers are clamoring for a sequel.

Taylor Zakhar Perez on a Possible Continuation

Since Red, White & Royal Blue premiered amidst the SAG-AFTRA strike, the cast couldn't promote the film, let alone talk about it in interviews. Fortunately, now that the strike is over, the cast of RW&RB can answer all of our questions. Taylor Zakhar Perez was recently asked if a sequel is in the works. Although he didn't give a definitive answer, he did express some hope that a second film would be made.

'I haven't been called yet. We're not sure,' Perez said in an interview. 'There's so much [story to tell]. Casey McQuiston [the author of Red, White & Royal Blue] has… I mean, let's just go inside her brain and see what she can come up with.'

Interestingly, the RW&RB star didn't expect the film to make such a big splash. According to him, the reaction from fans has been wild.

'It was insane, I mean… 'Cause I went to a fashion week in September and it was nonstop. People were waiting outside of my hotel, everyone had their books, everyone was, like, ready to get a signature. I was like, "This is amazing!" I love how much the fans love the film and how much they love the book – it means a lot to people,' Taylor shared.

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