Will There Be a Director's Cut For RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15?

Will There Be a Director's Cut For RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15?
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Fans are furious with MTV's approach to their favorite reality show, hoping to see the rejected material in the future.

The iconic reality show, in which drag queens from across the US compete for the title of greatest of all time, unexpectedly changed networks last year, leaving VH1 after six seasons in favor of MTV. And at the time, it seemed like the perfect move: fans were happy that their favorite show would get bigger production and advertising budgets.

But after the premiere of season 15, everyone was stunned to see RuPaul's show being shredded by its new producers.

The thing is, fans were caught off guard by one unexpected change – the episodes got shorter. Much shorter. Each episode is now only 40 minutes long, compared to over 60 minutes in all previous seasons, which allowed fans to get to know the competitors better and feature many more off-screen jokes and interesting challenges.

With such a drastic reduction in running time, it's not surprising that there's much less content in season 15, as many interesting scenes and ideas have clearly been cut to suit the MTV broadcasting schedule.

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Fans think RuPaul himself didn't know this before they agreed to sign with MTV, as season 15 featured the largest cast in the show's history – if RuPaul knew the episodes would get shorter, why invite more people to participate in the show? 40 minutes is clearly not enough time to properly introduce each new contestant, let alone include an interesting challenge.

Fans describe season 15 as rushed, uninspiring and completely ruined by its frantic pace, hoping that RuPaul will release their director's cut of the current season. But can this actually happen?

Not according to the fans at Reddit. Firstly, a huge network like MTV would never allow the content it produced to ruin its reputation – and if MTV released an extended version of season 15 on the channel itself, it would be the equivalent of admitting their mistake.

Secondly, fans feel that the cut material has not been saved so there's no point in even thinking about a director's cut – it's more likely that all content is lost forever, and viewers should hope that season 16 will be broadcast on some other network or streaming service, returning to its glorious 60 minutes per episode format.