Will The Office Reboot Be Worth Watching? Steve Carell Has a Definitive Answer

Will The Office Reboot Be Worth Watching? Steve Carell Has a Definitive Answer
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The Office star doesn't really know much about the new show himself.


  • NBC is reportedly working on a reboot of The Office.
  • The new sitcom will have little in common with the iconic mockumentary.
  • Steve Carell has high praise for the cast of the new show.

Reboots and remakes have always been a staple of film and television, but they seem to have taken over the industry in recent years. In the wake of the writers and actors strike of 2023, reboots of popular projects, along with the expansion of ongoing franchises, have become a surefire way for studios to make money. And with that in mind, it's no surprise that more and more iconic shows are being rebooted these days.

Based on Ricky Gervais' British comedy series of the same name, NBC's The Office was a hit during its run. The mockumentary about the employees of the Scranton office of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company ended over a decade ago, but now the network is said to be working on another series set in the same universe.

A New Story to Tell

The untitled reboot is reportedly being produced by The Office creator Greg Daniels. Unlike the fan-favorite series, the new mockumentary will move further west from Pennsylvania and follow the staff of an old and famous Midwestern regional newspaper that is facing financial difficulties at a time when fewer people read the medium. In an attempt to revive the paper, management decides to enlist volunteer reporters.

Of course, the new show will have little in common with The Office except for its format. Perhaps there will be references to the aforementioned Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. But that seems to be it. So, will fans of the classic sitcom like the new show? Here's what Steve Carell, who played regional manager Michael Scott on The Office, has to say.

Steve Carell Thinks the Reboot Is in Good Hands

'I don't know if you know this, but it's going to be all the original cast. I'm in it,' The Office star joked about the much-discussed reboot of the iconic NBC mockumentary.

No. Little is known about the reboot of The Office, but no original cast members are expected to return. The new show will follow a new set of characters, played by new actors. In fact, Carell himself said in an interview last month that he wasn't even considering a cameo because it wouldn't make sense for his character to return. As for the new cast, the actor says the reboot won't disappoint.

'I know Domhnall Gleeson, who I did The Patient with, is going to be one of the leads. I know that for sure. And he is an excellent actor. He actually called me and asked, "Should I do this? Did you enjoy it?"' Steve Carell said of his former co-star's concerns about the reboot. 'He's great.'

Let's just wait and see, shall we?

Source: YouTube.

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