Will Ted & Rebecca Get Together in Ted Lasso Season 3?

Image credit: Apple TV+

Whether the Richmond’s coach and team owner end up together will be decided in the upcoming season.

The hit Apple TV+ series about an American football coach managing an English soccer team has been the perfect comfort show since its premiere, and people just can't get enough of Jason Sudeikis and his kind and caring character. In the first two seasons there were a lot of budding romances between many of the show's characters, but one particular pairing was always slightly underrated by the writers team – Ted Lasso and Rebecca Welton.

Will they become a couple in the upcoming third season?

Discussing the likelihood of this happening online, fans were divided: some argued that it was only a matter of time before these two could become a thing, while others refused to even consider such a possibility.

First of all, Ted and Rebecca were never really shipped by the writers, not a single scene indicated that one of them harbors feelings for the other.

Sure, their banter could be seen as flirting, but that is far from being a fact. Although fans love both characters equally, the idea that they might be together certainly worries the fandom, as it could ruin the great chemistry between the actors. Ted and Rebecca looked perfect together on screen, but only for one reason – they shared friendship, not romance.

If the writers decide to make Ted and Rebecca into a couple, a great deal of fans will be furious, because it is much easier to show a romantic relationship between characters than to write a believable friendship storyline.

One of the main drawbacks of many modern TV series is that the idea of developing and nurturing a friendship is often discarded by screenwriters in favor of the much more conservative option of making two characters fall in love with each other. The problem is that the actors themselves often simply lack the chemistry for such a storyline.

Fans hope that the third season of Ted Lasso avoids this grave mistake, as the platonic friendship between Ted and Rebecca is far more satisfying than the idea of them being together as a couple.