Will Eric Winter's Tim Bradford Get His Solo The Rookie Spin-off?

Image credit: Legion-Media

The insanely popular crime series has already spawned one spin-off, and it looks like another is on the way.

After the end of his crime drama Castle, Nathan Fillion managed to earn himself a leading role in another blockbuster show — the ABC series The Rookie, which follows the life of LAPD's oldest rookie, has been breaking viewership records since 2018.

Currently in its fifth season, the series is still going strong, and the channel premiered its first spin-off, The Rookie: Feds, last year. Despite bad reviews from viewers and critics, Feds has been renewed for a second season, proving that ABC is confident in its new LA brand.

Now fans are sure that ABC isn't going to stop there, embarking on the production of the next spin-off that will center on the LAPD's Metro Division.

The idea came up thanks to a recent plot development in the original series — Eric Winter's Sergeant Tim Bradford has decided to leave his station for the Metro Division to save his relationship with former trainee Lucy Chen.

With one of the main characters now working in another department, why not make him the star of his own show, fans speculate.

There's another detail that makes this theory quite plausible: Alysia Reiner has appeared in the last two episodes as Lieutenant Pine from the Metro Division, and people believe that bringing in an actress of this caliber for only a minor part is unlikely. Reiner will probably play an important supporting character in the proposed spin-off, with Eric Winter taking the lead role.

Some people still disagree with the speculation, arguing that the relationship between Winter and Chen has raised the series' ratings even higher than before, so the producers won't risk putting Winter into his own show.

On the other hand, many viewers are hopeful that not only Winter but also Chen may appear in the new spin-off, as bringing the couple into the new show's spotlight will surely attract many of their fans and ensure great numbers for the proposed The Rookie: Metro series.