Why So Many SATC Fans Hate Miranda in 'And Just Like That' Season 2?

Why So Many SATC Fans Hate Miranda in 'And Just Like That' Season 2?
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Fans are referring to her as the 'clown' of the show, and they're not wrong.

It's unclear what the And Just Like That writers are thinking when it comes to Miranda's character, but one thing is for sure: fans do not like the 'new' Miranda.

'Before she was a loyal, strong-willed woman who kept her emotions in check. She's a completely different person. fHate her character now.'

Here's why:

Her relationship with Che

Miranda's middle-aged, sexual awakening has been awkward and feels forced. The pair don't have chemistry and Miranda just seems to spend her days waiting for Che to have time for her and getting more desperate as Che denies her advances.

'They write as if they've never met an older woman, a lesbian or a non-binary person like they've googled what those words mean and went okay!' said an irritated fan.

This also brings in the infamously uncomfortable strap-on scene, with Miranda fumbling around trying to figure the device out as an amused Che watched on. Fans had one question: 'Is that supposed to be funny?'

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The cellphone scene

Miranda's handling of losing her phone at the beach had fans 'starting to worry about the character's mental state,' as there seemed to hint at dementia or some kind of mental illness with her hysteria and confusion.

Miranda's character as a whole

One fan called Miranda a 'caricature' of her former self, her character is a joke. Fans are finding her shenanigans hard to watch, as she is often made to look foolish, from a confident independent woman to a bumbling idiot. Fans feel that her 'character is weak and pathetic and just awful to watch!'

No remorse for Steve

Fans can't get their heads around how she could turn on Steve the way she did, saying things like 'imagine treating someone with the disdain she treated such a sweet man with for so many years.'

Steve may not be a main character, but he did not deserve to be thrown aside the way he was by Miranda, and for many fans, it's unforgivable, especially since season 2 starts with her living her best life on the West Coast, without a second thought for Steve.

Cynthia Nixon hijacking the character

Many fans feel resentful towards Nixon, pointing out that 'the defensive, accusatory, smug responses from Nixon in the interview … conclude that she's a massive narcissist who insisted on rewriting Miranda to mirror her own life and choices.'

It's unclear what the future holds for the character, but things need to change because most fans' feelings are: 'Miranda used to be a strong, smart character, and now she's turned into an insecure, neurotic buffoon. I can't stand watching any of her scenes now.'

The next episode of And Just Like That… will arrive on HBO on June 29.

Source: Reddit.