Why Everyone in Big Bang Theory Thinks Penny is Too Good for Leonard?

Image credit: Legion-Media

Fans don't quite understand why a talented scientist is considered lucky to have a beautiful girlfriend.

The Big Bang Theory is still considered one of the best sitcoms ever, and iconic characters like Sheldon, Leonard and Penny are still as beloved as they were before the series finale. So, it's no wonder that even now fans are passionately arguing about various details of the series, trying to find answers to all the questions and prove or debunk every theory.

And of all these difficult questions, one is asked frequently – why does everyone think Penny is too good for Leonard?

Ever since the first season, the idea of Leonard dating Penny has always made some people laugh. Both viewers and other characters found it very strange to imagine that the pretty and immature Penny could share her future life with the extremely shy but very intelligent Leonard.

To many, they were polar opposites, belonging to two different worlds, so when they started dating, people were shocked. And yet the idea that Leonard was lucky to have Penny was far more popular than the opposite one.

Discussing this on Reddit, fans were quite angry about this misconception, arguing that Leonard can be with just about anyone when it comes to his role as a possible boyfriend. He's smart, caring, has lots of interesting hobbies and has a stable and well-paid job. And Penny... Penny's career is almost non-existent, she doesn't know how to manage her finances and she's beautiful.

So why does everyone think Penny is too good for Leonard when the facts say otherwise?

Of course, when it comes to queer romances, the sky's the limit, because no one can judge or mock the lovers. Both Leonard and Penny were pretty immature when they started dating, but as the series progressed, they have blossomed into caring and loving people who take care of each other.

Leonard became more confident and overcame his shyness, and Penny became more responsible and focused than ever before. So, in the end, both Leonard and Penny are lucky to have each other!