Why DWTS Fans Are Pissed With Carrie Ann After New S32 Episode?

Why DWTS Fans Are Pissed With Carrie Ann After New S32 Episode?
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The long-serving judge has sparked controversy.

Dancing with the Stars is undeniably one of the most popular reality competitions on television, even though the recent seasons have been a bit of a disappointment for fans. Fortunately, it seems that the producers have succeeded at steering the show back on course with the current Season 32. The majority of the couples continue to impress audiences with each new episode that gets released.

However, while the initial three episodes of the current season went without a hitch, the most recently aired fourth episode ran into a major problem. Fans got increasingly frustrated with the veteran judge, Carrie Ann Inaba, because of the obnoxious antics she engaged in while performing her duties as a judge.

Fans Are Upset With Carrie Ann

Carrie Ann has never been one to avoid questionable behavior. However, it appears that the television personality truly overstepped the mark during Disney100 Night. Fans started piling scorn on her as soon as the credits rolled.

The issue was that Carrie Ann appeared somewhat off-kilter in the episode, behaving so erratically that people began to question her mental state. She consistently interrupted other judges with her unwarranted comments, and the moment she cut off Derek Hough to criticize Lele Pons is already considered one of the worst examples of inappropriate behavior in DWTS history.

Unfair Scores

Furthermore, fans are really peeved by the way Carrie Ann has been judging the contestants this season. She was excessively harsh on Sasha Farber and Alyson Hannigan despite their commendable performances on the dance floor.

Fans noted that Carrie Ann had attempted to embarrass Sasha in earlier seasons. That led them to speculate that the judge harbored some resentment towards the professional dancer, which is not the sort of thing you would want to see in a reality competition.

We can only hope that Carrie Ann changes her way and behaves more reasonably for the remainder of the season. The huge backlash from fans we're seeing could potentially cost her her spot on the panel, as the producers are unlikely to keep on a judge who's so universally hated by fans, regardless of her past achievements and accolades.

Dancing with the Stars Season 32 Episode 5 will premiere on October 24, 2023.