Why DWTS Fandom is So Insistent on Hating Harry Jowsey?

Why DWTS Fandom is So Insistent on Hating Harry Jowsey?
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The jock gets on everyone's nerves.


  • Harry Jowsey fails to resonate with the fan base, highlighting the discrepancy between his dancing skills and his popularity.
  • Harry Jowsey's attention-seeking behavior and questionable relationship with Rylee have earned him the dislike of fans.

Even though the hit reality competition has lost a lot of steam over the past few years, it looks like the current Season 32 is actively trying to fix that by making each episode of the show feel unique and thoughtful, which has proven to be just the right remedy to make the nearly 20-year-old show feel fresh again. In addition, the current roster of celebrities is one of the strongest DWTS has seen in a long time, with most of the couples performing on par in terms of quality and passion.

However, talent on the dance floor doesn't always correlate with fan love, and Too Hot to Handle's Harry Jowsey is the best proof of that, as the reality star struggles to connect with the fan base, even with great pro dancer Rylee Arnold by his side. Here's why.

An ultimate jock

While everyone loves to follow a good-looking celebrity on the show, the same can't be said for jocks, and Harry is the most archetypal jock the show has ever seen. From his macho mannerisms to his almost childish urge to always steal the spotlight, there are literally a myriad of reasons why fans dislike Harry as a potential finalist, and his questionable relationship with Rylee only makes matters worse.

The thing is, two dance partners have practically flooded their social media with various TikToks of them dancing, and some of those videos felt a little too steamy for a strictly professional couple.

Secretly dating?

The fact that Rylee is just 18 years old while Harry is 26 really bothers fans because it looks like the reality star is simply preying on the young beautiful girl. However, as far as we know things are not romantic between the two, but their recent appearance in episode 5 might actually prove that notion wrong.

The two ended their contemporary dance to Andy Grammer's Keep Your Head Up embracing on the floor, with Harry almost kissing Rylee while on top of her.

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Rylee's confused laugh made fans hate Harry even more, cementing him as the most hated Dancing with the Stars contestant of Season 32.