Why Do Chris Evans Fans Have a Problem With His Wedding Announcement?

Why Do Chris Evans Fans Have a Problem With His Wedding Announcement?
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Yes, it finally happened.

When Chris Evans started dating Portuguese actress Alba Baptista, the whole world was happy for him, expecting to see one of Hollywood's biggest bachelors finally find happiness as a married man. But while everyone supported Evans and Baptista, his own fans were seriously against his choice of the Warrior Nun actress as his significant other, hating her all over the internet. While Evans' fans were always considered to be pretty unhinged when it came to the actor dating anyone, they really outdid themselves with Baptista.

For months, the fandom bullied Baptista online, telling her how bad she looked and how soon her affair with Evans would be over. Things got so bad that Evans even took a sabbatical from social media to avoid these comments and spent the entire summer offline with Baptista. He also recently shared some pretty exciting news.

The secret marriage

It was recently revealed that Evans and Baptista actually got married last weekend in a small, private ceremony attended by a select few. Big Hollywood stars like Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt were all there to support the newlyweds, but it looks like Evans' die-hard fans decided to ruin it all once again.

As soon as news of Evans and Baptista's wedding broke, fans began writing hateful messages on social media, insulting Baptista and accusing Evans of ruining his life.

In addition, some fans decided to blame Evans for holding a ceremony just days before 9/11, arguing that he should have at least postponed it. While the tragedy of 9/11 still looms over the US, people who want to get married close to that date shouldn't be shamed for it, because choosing happiness is always the right thing to do.

All in all, Evans' fans will probably continue to hate Baptista for years to come, as the stan mentality is not easily cured.

'Typical, these kinds of stans hate every GF, until the break up, and the guy gets a new GF. Suddenly the new GF is the devil herself and the ex is the absolute best. Rinse and repeat. It’s amazing how it works this way for every male celeb and every relationship and these stans do not see the pattern at all,' said one fan.

Source: Reddit.