Who's Replacing James Corden at The Late Late Show After Final Episode on 27 April?

Who's Replacing James Corden at The Late Late Show After Final Episode on 27 April?
Image credit: Legion-Media

It looks like CBS is fixing to revive an early 2010s cult classic as a replacement for the beloved talk show it’s about to take off the air.

Since 1995, The Late Late Show has been a staple of network television, captivating viewers with its slightly more mature spin on the conventional talk show formula. Although the show's first two versions faced turbulence, it flourished when Craig Ferguson took over from Craig Kilborn. The transformation made it nearly impossible for viewers to switch channels during those late-night hours.

While many considered James Corden a less appealing host than Ferguson, the news of his departure left fans concerned about the fate of their cherished show, and there are good reasons to be worried.

Instead of searching for a replacement host for Corden, CBS is pulling the plug on The Late Late Show and giving its time slot to a panel game show. However, please don't rush to judge the network because the game show CBS is replacing The Late Late Show with has its own cult status!

Multiple reports indicate that CBS has chosen to revive Comedy Central's @midnight, a cult favourite centred around internet culture, which is undoubtedly even more relevant today than when it first premiered in 2013.

While it seems that former host Chris Hardwick won't be returning to the reboot, Stephen Colbert is already on board to co-produce the new iteration of @midnight, heightening anticipation for its debut, especially among the hardcore fans of the 2013 version.

The original @midnight featured three guests competing in various improv challenges, including meme-themed tasks and other competitions. Fans are hoping that CBS's version of the panel game will maintain the original's sharp satire, although many former viewers are convinced that the network is bound to go to great lengths to make sure it doesn’t trigger too many people: it’s a different world we’re living in, today.

The Late Late Show era is officially drawing to an end, leaving it uncertain whether the fan-favourite talk show will ever make a comeback on our screens.