Who is Mrs Harbottle in All Creatures Great and Small Season 4?

Who is Mrs Harbottle in All Creatures Great and Small Season 4?
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The new character has a familiar face.

Perhaps there's no better way to put it than to be straightforward: UK television is the best. Fleabag, Bodyguard, The Durrells, Ghosts – the list of British TV masterpieces could go on ad infinitum. However, one particular show holds a special place in our hearts – All Creatures Great and Small.

Based on the eponymous book series by James Herriot (real name Alf Wight), All Creatures Great and Small premiered in 2020 and became an international hit. Set in pre-WWII Britain, the show follows three vet surgeons navigating their work and personal lives in the Yorkshire Dales. The show has had three seasons, with the fourth installment set for release in two days. Interestingly, it will introduce a new character, Mrs. Harbottle. And the actress who portrays her might seem familiar to many viewers.

Elusive Dr. Who Actress

Since its debut in 1963, Dr. Who has been a staple of British television and has featured many talented actors, many of whom went on to play more prominent roles. These include Neve McIntosh, a Scottish actress who has appeared on the show more than ten times, portraying Alaya and Madame Vastra.

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Over her extensive career, Neve McIntosh has had numerous roles in film, TV, and on stage. She starred in BBC's medical drama Bodies and had supporting roles in Law & Order: UK, Death in Paradise, and Shetland. Now, the actress is set to appear on All Creatures Great and Small as the newest addition to the beloved show's cast.

Who Is Mrs. Harbottle?

The new ACGAS character is none other than a bookkeeper whom Siegfried and James introduce to Skeldale House as extra help to manage the place and bring it into order. However, the other characters don't seem too enthusiastic about the woman.

'Certainly Mrs Harbottle's arrival is one that ruffles feathers really early on. Siegfried meets her at a dance and brings her back unannounced, so nobody knows who she is and it's a real shock to everybody. And then we're told that she's coming in to restore order and how they manage things,' Rachel Shenton who portrays Helen on All Creatures Great and Small told Radio Times about the new character.

'And at first, I think people think that it's a good idea, and then very quickly we all realize that we kind of like the obscurities of the way that we run it. And if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But even though she brings friction, she also manages to unite them as well, which is really interesting.'

All Creatures Great and Small Season 4 premieres on October 5th on Channel 5 in the UK. It is set for release in the US in January 2024 on PBS.

Source: Radio Times.

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