Which Character Will Be Written Off in Virgin River Season 5?

Which Character Will Be Written Off in Virgin River Season 5?
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Martin Henderson, who plays Jack Sheridan in Virgin River, has recently unveiled that one of the series' significant characters won't appear in the fifth season.

While we already know that Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey's character Ricky won't be returning for season five, many fans are sure Henderson wasn't talking about him. The actor's announcement has intrigued viewers who are now trying to figure out the mystery. We've looked at a few theories that will hopefully shed some light on the matter.

The first obvious candidate for the exit is Charmaine. Since it's been revealed that Jack is not the father of her babies, the heroine's story seems to have dried up. Her saving grace, however, is the fact that she's annoying but still adds spice to the story, and it's hard to imagine the show without her.

In a way, Charmaine also gives more depth to Mel's character: it's funny to see her impatient side, which comes out because of Charmain's behavior — and without that, the show's central character would seem almost too perfect. Charmaine also has the potential to grow and even redeem herself in some ways, and viewers speculate it would be fun to see her with Cameron.

Hope McCrea played by Annette O'Toole seems like another alternative.

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If the town's mayor doesn't appear in season five, it probably won't upset the audience too much, as the character's storyline has been lacking significant plot twists lately.

Lilly's daughter Tara doesn't have much of a storyline, now that her mother is gone, but the creators forced Mel to set her up with a trust fund so she could stay on the farm. Even so, many think Tara is a fairly boring character — and besides, Stacey Farber, the actress playing her, is onto something else at the moment.

And what about Brady? If he leaves, Brie will definitely be able to choose Mike, but it's hard to say for sure whether this will happen or not.

Many fans hope to see the reunion of this book couple, which is hampered by Brady's presence.

Now we know for certain that Ricky will not appear in the new season of Virgin River, but other characters' fate remains unknown. The showrunners are doing their best to ensure the audience they won't be disappointed with how the story develops.

Martin Henderson announced that season five is to be released this summer.