Where Are They Now: Sex and the City Stars 25 Years Later

Image credit: Legion-Media

Sex and the City aired for six seasons from 1998 to 2004.

Many would think that, over that time, the show's leading cast had become one with their characters — but this isn't exactly so.

In fact, Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte don't have much in common with the actresses that portray them. Since the end of the series, the stars have moved on and built a life of their own — and those lives differ a great deal from their stories in Sex and the City.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The actress was so convincing on the screen, many fans still believe Sarah Jessica Parker is just like her character Carrie Bradshaw. However, the actress doesn't buy tons of shoes like her character — on the contrary, she's an advocate of reasonable consumption and tries to promote this idea among her fans. Parker and her character also have a different style in clothes: while Carrie is deservedly the show's "style icon", Sarah Jessica likes to dress casually. She goes out wearing a tracksuit, sneakers, and a bun on her head — so fans who meet her in the street are often surprised by the unpretentious look.

The actress says her style has changed dramatically since the birth of her three children: for her everyday look, the actress prefers comfortable clothes over elegant attire. Though Sara Jessica probably looks great in any outfit: the 57-year-old star is in excellent shape.

In terms of their love life, Carrie and Sarah Jessica also don't have much in common. While Carrie meets her true love, Mr. Big, early in the series, this doesn't stop her from having numerous flings and affairs until the relationship with Mr. Big does get serious.

Parker, on the other hand, has been more consistent in her love life: the actress has been married to Matthew Broderick since 1997. She and Matthew have three children together.

Kim Cattrall

The actress has insisted she is nothing like her character Samantha, and she is particularly annoyed when someone tries to talk to her about sex. Just like Sarah Jessica and Carrie, Kim Cattrall is firmly associated with the on-screen character she created. Today, the actress reveals that she regrets having participated in this long-running project. Kim says that, although the role of Samantha brought her fame, it also robbed her of the opportunity to start a family.

At the time of filming the series, Kim was in her third marriage, which she thought would last forever. But the actress didn't have much time for her family: she'd need to get up at four in the morning, spend the whole day on the set, and return home past midnight.

The actress was 41 when she started playing in Sex and the City — she and her husband didn't have kids and were planning to do IVF. However, Kim's frantic filming schedule prevented her from getting pregnant, and eventually, her marriage broke up. The actress never got married again, and her dreams of being a mother did not come true.

Cattrall has recently found herself in the spotlight again. The actress caught fans' and media's attention because she refused to star in And Just Like That… — a sequel to the cult TV series.

The scandal was further aggravated by the actress' uneasy relationship with her colleagues, especially Parker, who said that Kim thinks too much of herself.

Kim tried to explain her position in a talk show: the actress talked about her failed family life as well as the money she was promised for reprising her role. It turns out, the actress refused to take part in the project because her hourly rate was lower than Parker's. Cattrall is also angry because Samantha often had to appear half-naked and sometimes wearing no clothes, while Parker's character never fully undressed — she was always filmed wearing a bra, at least.

Cynthia Nixon

Unlike Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon is fond of her character in Sex and the City. For her, Miranda Hobbes was a role model — a strong, successful, beautiful, and clever woman.

Some details of the actress and her character's lives are indeed similar: both women don't happen to be strictly heterosexual. Miranda discovered a new facet of her sexuality in the series' recent sequel, while Cynthia came out as early as 2004.

Reportedly, Cynthia and her future wife Christine Marinoni met in prison: the women were arrested for taking part in a protest against budget cuts to America's schools. They announced their engagement five years later, had a son through IVF in 2011, and got married a year later. By the way, Nixon has two more children from her previous marriage, one of whom is transgender, so she is now a mother to three sons: Samuel, Charles, and Max.

Kristin Davis

Kristin is the one whose personality and life are really different from her character's. On the show, she portrays elegant Charlotte York, who dreamed of getting married and having children ever since she was a girl.

The actress, however, was more keen on fleeting affairs and alcohol: Kristin suffered alcohol problems throughout her twenties and even had to go into rehab for alcohol abuse. The actress remembers that, one day, she woke up and realized that she wouldn't be able to make it into her thirties if she continued to lead her wild lifestyle.

Luckily, by the time Sex and the City was launched, the 33-year-old actress had already overcome her addiction. But she found a new one instead: men. Kristin has had several vivid romance stories, though none of them ended in a marriage.