Where Are They Now? A '90s Movie Stars Update

Image credit: Legion-Media

The '90s were all that and a bag of chips, but how have the stars aged?

Sigourney Weaver

Cinema fans all around the world remember and love Sigourney Weaver for her role in Alien, where her character Ellen Ripley sacrifices her peaceful family life to fearlessly fight the alien monster. Weaver starred in four films of the series — but that wasn't the only important project in her career. During the 1980s and 90s, the actress played in Working Girl, Jeffrey, Death and the Maiden, Copycat, and Galaxy Quest, among other films.

When Weaver was younger, she preferred to wear long hair: the actress' locks are naturally wavy and thick. Throughout her career, the star experimented with her hair's length and color, and today, Weaver is back to a short, neatly styled haircut.

Demi Moore

The actress first appeared on screen in the 1980s: she participated in a few popular TV projects. It was in the 1990s when Demi Moore's career really took off — Ghost, Striptease, Disclosure, Indecent Proposal, and A Few Good Men are some of the projects that had made the actress a world-wide star.

The Golden Globe nominee was never afraid of experimenting with her looks. The actress has spectacular dark hair, and over the years, she has tried cutting and styling it in different ways. You may also remember how Moore went completely bald for her role in G.I. Jane.

Linda Hamilton

It was through her role of Sarah Connor in Terminator that Linda Hamilton achieved global fame. The actress also starred in other interesting projects including Mr. Destiny, A Mother's Prayer, Dante's Peak, and Separate Lives. Hamilton won the Saturn Award and MTV Movie Award for her role in Terminator 2, and still continues to participate in movies.

At the height of her career, the actress wore a fashionable cascade hairstyle with extra volume at the top. Unlike many of her colleagues, she was never a fan of radical rejuvenation. Today, Hamilton prefers a short haircut in different shades of blonde.

Monica Bellucci

One of the most popular film actresses began her journey to stardom as a fashion model. Monica Bellucci starred in Dolce & Gabbana advertising campaigns, and since then, the star has been good friends with the designer duo. During the filming of one of the commercials, the model was noticed by director Giuseppe Tornatore, who later offered her a role in his film Malèna. In the 1990s, Bellucci starred in a number of movies, including The Raffle, Dracula, Joseph, The Apartment, As You Want Me, Dobermann, and others. The star avoids plastic surgery and has kept herself in great shape.

Julia Roberts

The actress made her film debut in the 1987 comedy Firehouse. Three years later, Pretty Woman premiered — that was the movie destined to become cult, and Roberts became famous for her performance as Vivian Ward. The actress also starred in Sleeping with the Enemy, Dying Young, Hook, Ready To Wear, Notting Hill, and Runaway Bride, where she also co-starred with Richard Gere.

Roberts boasts lush hair and a broad smile that have always been part of the star's trademark style. Over the many years of successful career, she hasn't had any radical changes in her appearance. The actress prefers natural makeup and likes to wear her wavy hair down.