When Calls the Heart Fans Calling Out Lazy Writing After Shocking Breakup

When Calls the Heart Fans Calling Out Lazy Writing After Shocking Breakup
Image credit: Hallmark Channel

Fans are shocked by the latest plot twist.

Hallmark's When Calls the Heart has frequently been hailed as the best melodrama on network television for ten seasons. Fans of the genre have been consistently surprised by how well the writers have maintained the quality of this period romance. The story of Elizabeth, a young woman from high society who moves to a small Canadian frontier town to start a new life as a schoolteacher, has improved with each new season. That resulted in fans singing the writers' praises for nearly a decade.

However, it would appear that by the tenth season, the creative team got bored and decided to shake things up with a major plot twist - Elizabeth breaking up with her longtime lover and future husband, Lucas. Needless to say, fans were not pleased with the new direction the writers were taking.

Three Seasons Down The Drain

Since Season 8, fans have wanted to see Lucas and Elizabeth together, hoping that the two would finally get married by the end of Season 10. Unfortunately, it looks like a marriage between the two is out of the question. Elizabeth decided not to support Lucas in his quest to become governor and move to the Capitol City, choosing instead to stay in Hope Valley and pursue her romance with Nathan.

Fans were appalled by the way the writers completely overhauled Elizabeth's personality for the sake of this unexpected plot twist. The protagonist was never afraid to leave her comfort zone, especially for the man she supposedly loves.

The Writers’ Fault

Fans are convinced that the writers of When Calls the Heart became complacent after receiving so much praise over the past decade. It is the fandom's consensus that the creative team decided to transform the show into a soap opera, using the most absurd and unbelievable plot twists to breathe new life into the storylines.

However, fans never wanted to see things change in Hope Valley. The show was adored for its comforting and predictable storylines, not for abrupt love triangles and dramatic antics from the main character.