What's Next for The Morning Show's Bradley? Reese Witherspoon Has Her Say

What's Next for The Morning Show's Bradley? Reese Witherspoon Has Her Say
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The character's future is oblique.


  • The Morning Show's third season was one of the few premieres this fall.
  • Fans are concerned about what will happen to Bradley Jackson in Season 4.
  • Reese Witherspoon has little idea what to expect in the next installment.

Despite this year's major WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes that disrupted the entire industry and brought Hollywood to a near standstill, we have seen a number of TV premieres this year. Perhaps the most memorable of these are season 5 of Netflix's hit romance drama Virgin River, Paramount+'s reboot of cult NBC sitcom Frasier, and season 3 of Apple TV+'s most popular drama The Morning Show.

The Morning Show, which debuted in 2019 at the dawn of Apple TV+, was one of the platform's pioneering projects. And it was an immediate success, winning over audiences with its compelling storytelling and star-studded cast, including Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

Since then, the show has gone through three seasons, the most recent of which was released in September. Now that Season 4 is on its way, fans are wondering what will become of Witherspoon's Bradley Jackson, who was left in the quagmire of legal troubles in this installment.

Bradley's Legal Issues

In case you're at a loss for Bradley's arc in Season 3 of The Morning Show, here's a quick recap. At the end of the third installment, the character's involvement in the infamous January 6 insurrection was uncovered, which could result in criminal charges and even jail time for her.

'I knew I had this secret that was going to get revealed by the end. When Charlotte Stoudt [The Morning Show's new EP] came in – this is her first season at The Morning Show – she pitched out the whole thing: the hack; Paul Marks coming in to take over; Alex [portrayed by Aniston] wanting a position of power on the board; my character hiding this January 6th secret,' Reese Witherspoon said of Bradley's plot line in a recent interview.

Reese Witherspoon on Her Character's Future

Although the actress understood that her character would have to face the consequences of her actions at the beginning of Season 3, she doesn't seem to be aware of Bradley's future at this point.

'She's made a mess of her life! Everyone keeps asking me, "Does she go to jail?" We don't know anything!' Reese Witherspoon said.

More importantly, the cast of The Morning Show has no idea what direction the show will take next season. Bradley may indeed go to jail for covering up for her brother, and given that, it's not yet certain what will become of her career and what role she will play on the show.

Hopefully, Season 4 of TMS won't be a disappointment.

Source: Variety.