What's Next for Luke Newton After Bridgerton Season 3? Animated Movie, Apparently

What's Next for Luke Newton After Bridgerton Season 3? Animated Movie, Apparently
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Ready to hear Colin Bridgerton sing?

It is always exciting to see an actor you know mostly from one movie or series take their career in a new direction and appear in unexpected roles. For example, have you ever imagined Colin Bridgerton singing?

Well, now you don't have to, because we have a video.

New Project

The Bridgerverse fandom is a real detective agency, and it is amazing how many details fans can track down by following breadcrumbs on social media. Recently, they noticed that Luke Newton, who plays Colin in Bridgerton, was followed by a new Instagram account dedicated to an animated movie.

Soon, their suspicions were confirmed. Luke is taking the lead role in a new project, a Portuguese animated musical, VIANA - The Legend of the Golden Hearts. The film's vocal coach published a series of videos showing Luke practicing a heartfelt song for his new role.

New Role

According to the official website, VIANA - The Legend of the Golden Hearts is a 3D animated story about star-crossed lovers in medieval Portugal.

Newton will voice Thomas, a poor craftsman who falls in love with Princess Ana. Ana reciprocates the feelings, but her father won't hear of a commoner marrying his daughter. The lovebirds must go through many adventures and sing many songs before they can be together.

The project is scheduled to premiere on Christmas 2024. In addition to Newton, the cast includes Daniela Melchior (The Suicide Squad, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Fast X) in the role of Ana and Pêpê Rapazote (Narcos, Shameless) as Ana's authoritative father. So Luke Newton is in great company.

New Songs

Of course, Luke wouldn't be cast in a major musical production if he didn't have the pipes. In fact, the actor has been performing all his life and has had quite a few singing roles in his career.

In addition to a stage role in the West End run of The Book of Mormon, the Bridgerton star also sang in the Disney Channel musical drama The Lodge.

But new endeavors are always more exciting than past ones, aren't they? So let's hope videos of Newton singing keep coming.

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