What's Behind the Prank War Between Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds?

What's Behind the Prank War Between Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds?
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The It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor has spilled the beans.


  • Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney's prank war has been going on for a few years now.
  • McElhenney says Reynolds was the one who started the birthday prank war.
  • The IASIP star is likely to respond to Reynolds' latest prank this year.

As the premiere date of Deadpool & Wolverine approaches, many fans are reminiscing about the roasts and one-liners of Ryan Reynolds' character that made the franchise so popular with audiences around the world. But jokes would just be jokes if not for the actor's sense of humor, as he seems to be just as flippant and witty in real life.

Just recently, Ryan Reynolds posted a video on his Instagram page wishing his Welcome to Wrexham co-host Rob McElhenney, with whom he co-owns the football club of the title, a happy birthday. While it seems like a normal thing to do, the Deadpool star did it in his iconic way - by poking fun at the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor.

In the video, Ryan Reynolds tells the story of his expedition to the Titanic, which sank on the day of McElhenney's birthday, April 14, in hopes of finding bottles of Wrexham Lager to toast his co-owner of Wrexham Football Club.

They didn't find any beer, but what they did find was a Titanic's Rose-style portrait of Rob McElhenney, which can now be purchased in the form of various merchandise. What turned out to be a very elaborate prank wasn't just another one in the war between the two actors. But how and why did it all start?

Who Started the War?

According to Rob McElhenney, Ryan Reynolds was the one who started the prank war a few years ago with Rob's birthday present. McElhenney's wife and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia co-star, Kaitlin Olson, pointed him to an Instagram post by Reynolds.

'I see that Ryan had done this video of this dedication that he had made at the stadium in Wales, the "Robert Lucinda McElhenney," which is not my middle name, memorial urinal. And he put a plaque next to the urinal, and now anybody can go there and do their business on my plaque, my face. And he said "Happy Birthday!" at the end of it,' Rob McElhenney said in a recent interview.


Naturally, the actor felt he couldn't let the prank go unanswered.

'I had to try and top that, so the following year I got him a blimp with a terrible picture of – I don't know if you've seen the movie Deadpool, Ryan's very handsome in the movie until he gets burned very badly – so I took that image of him being burned very badly and put on a giant blimp, and I sailed it across the town of Wrexham,' the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star revealed, adding that they broke several Welsh aviation rules with the prank.

Since Ryan Reynolds' birthday is on October 23, we will have to wait for Rob McElhenney's revenge. As for Welcome to Wrexham, Season 3 will premiere on May 2 on FX.

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