What's All the Backlash Around Beyoncé's Renaissance Film About?

What's All the Backlash Around Beyoncé's Renaissance Film About?
Image credit: Parkwood Entertainment

Fans find the new theater rules suffocating.


  • Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé is one of the two biggest concert movie premieres of 2023.
  • AMC has released a list of seemingly absurd guidelines to regulate audience behavior in theaters.
  • Beyoncé fans are none too pleased with the overly restrictive rules.

Though 2023 will forever be remembered for the scope of its high-profile movie premieres, such as Barbie, Oppenheimer, and numerous Marvel installments, it has also left an indelible mark on film history with its more highbrow releases, including Maestro, Saltburn, and Poor Things. However, there's a separate line of movies that have also shaped this year's entertainment landscape.

Theatrical releases of the A-listers' concert tours have rocked 2023 (pun intended). For instance, Taylor Swift's big-screen adaptation of her ongoing The Eras Tour has become a hit in its own right since its October premiere, grossing a whopping $250 million worldwide.

Beyoncé's cinematic iteration of her latest world tour, Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé, has also made a splash, even though it debuted just a few days ago. While the artist's fans are excited about the release, which grossed $27 million over the weekend, they are apparently upset about the new rules being imposed on viewers.

Special Rules For AMC Theater Visitors

Premiering on December 1st, Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé was accompanied by a list of 'guidelines' from the venue. These turned out to be so restrictive that many Beyoncé fans have been ranting and railing about the regulations since they were announced.

So Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé viewers are asked to dress as they please, but to be prepared to remove their clothes in case they prevent others from seeing the movie. Then, selfies are thrown into limbo as people are simultaneously asked to take photos tagging the movie on social media while also being told to refrain from taking photos and videos during the movie.

However, what caused the biggest outcry was the request not to dance and sing along to the songs featured in the movie, as it would supposedly disturb other viewers. Needless to say, fans were taken aback by the 'guidelines,' which seemed to take away from any enjoyment of the movie.

Beyoncé's Fans Are at a Loss Concerning the Rules

Given that people go to concert movies primarily to enjoy the music, it is not surprising that many view such productions as, well, concerts. As a result, people indulge in dancing and singing along to their favorite songs when they are featured in the movie. For this reason, taking away these simple pleasures tends to dampen the audience's enthusiasm for Renaissance: A Movie of Beyoncé in the bud.

Naturally, many fans are reluctant to watch a three-hour concert movie sitting still and mum, so hopefully AMC will clarify what they meant by their "guidelines" or even turn a blind eye to audiences singing their favorite Beyoncé songs during the movie.