What Happened To Rachelle Lefevre After Twilight? See Her Now at 44

What Happened To Rachelle Lefevre After Twilight? See Her Now at 44
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Sometimes even dropping out of a world-famous project can't prevent you from finding happiness.

Twilight introduced audiences to a vast array of talented actors whose careers have since been going from strength to strength with each passing year. While some of the actors are toying with the idea of reprising their iconic roles, others are moving on.

Meet Rachelle Lefevre. Fans of the saga will remember her as Victoria, the red-headed vampire from James' coven.

Lefevre starred in the first two instalments of the franchise, Twilight and New Moon, even winning a Teen Choice Award for the best villain for the latter. However, she was replaced and has not been heard from much since. So, whatever happened to her?

Lefevre did not leave the project because her arc ended; she was replaced due to an alleged scheduling conflict. In 2010, while filming Eclipse, she was invited to participate in the Canadian drama film Barney's Version, based on a Mordecai Richler novel of the same name.

Her 10-day shooting schedule in Rome did not sit well with Summit Entertainment, the producers of Twilight, and they cancelled her contract.

Although the equally talented Bryce Dallas Howard took over her role, it was a great loss for many fans. However, Lefevre's career did not end there. In 2010, she played political communications strategist Emily J. Miller in the movie Casino Jack. A year later, she was cast in one of the lead roles in the medical drama Off the Map and appeared in A Gifted Man, although both shows were cancelled after only one season.

She later starred in the Stephen King novel-based series Under the Dome, the legal drama Proven Innocent, and the 2020 mystery drama The Sounds. Her career just keeps on going!

As of 2023, the 44-year-old actress resides in Tennessee with her husband, chef and Top Chef contestant Chris Crary, and their two children. Judging by her Instagram, the actress hasn't changed a bit in the past 13 years!

Rachelle is known as an activist. She supports disabled individuals, animal rights organisations and actively advocates for LGBTQ+ rights.

She continues to star in shows and movies, and although she doesn’t seem to be involved in any active projects at the moment, that certainly won't stop her!