What Happened to Highlander Reboot Starring Henry Cavill?

What Happened to Highlander Reboot Starring Henry Cavill?
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The long-awaited remake is still far from being filmed.

The original Highlander, starring Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery and Clancy Brown, didn't make a lot at the box office back in 1986, but over the years, it has become a cult favorite and has earned a lot of money on home video. Although the sequels failed to reach the success of the original, people were still eager to see the iconic immortals return to the big screen, and Lionsgate obliged, announcing that a Highlander reboot was in the works as early as 2021.

However, the movie has yet to be released, and fans are wondering what's going on with the reboot right now.

When the reboot was first announced, everyone's favorite Hollywood heartthrob Henry Cavill was attached to star in the film, which made fans even more excited about the project. Cavill had already proven his swashbuckling prowess in The Witcher, so people were happy to see him step into Lambert's shoes.

In January of this year, however, fans of the actor received some rather disappointing news — Lionsgate passed on Cavill in favor of Chris Hemsworth, marking the second time that the actor had lost a role to the Hemsworth brothers. Naturally, many people are angry at the Hollywood studio for dropping Cavill, but as the reason behind his departure hasn't been disclosed, it might be Cavill's own decision to step down from the project.

'I see this as a major setback. Cavill had the discipline and focus to rise to this role. He's also able to do complex sword fighting, and he could have really taken us to new levels under the right direction. Hemsworth has had a handful of more intense action roles, but most of his work is CGI-heavy Marvel nonsense. Plus, if they can't afford Cavill, they can forget about Hemsworth,' a fan pointed out on Reddit.

In any case, director Chad Stahelski, who has been attached to the movie since the reboot news broke, has yet to give us an update on the project. However, with 10 other upcoming projects on the director's plate, it looks like Highlander may become yet another Hollywood production stuck in development hell.

Source: Reddit.