Weird and Wacky: These Actors Had to Go Through Some Crazy Movie Auditions

Image credit: Legion-Media

Actors will do just about anything for a job.

Emilia Clarke

Today, it is hard to imagine the iconic Game of Thrones series without Emilia Clarke, who played Daenerys Targaryen. However, this role could have gone to a completely different actress, if Clark had not improvised during the auditions. We must say that she actually almost flunked them, and the creators doubted whether to allow her to go to the next round.

But Emilia decided not to give up and at the last audition fulfilled the request of producers and directors, when they asked her to dance. Then the actress presented them with a little duck dance and a robot dance, and she did it all at once. The filmmakers liked the idea of Emilia so much that they approved her for the lead role.

Jason Momoa

Another no less important actor for Game of Thrones got his role as Khal Drogo also thanks to dancing. Apparently, the producers and directors tested the actors this way. Jason decided to draw attention to himself and stand out from the other contenders with the New Zealand war dance, which used to be performed before battles to intimidate the enemies.

Needless to say, not only did Momoa impress the creators of the series and the entire crew with his shouts and movements, but made them choose him for the role of Khal Drogo.

Kit Harington

Thankfully for Kit Harington he did not have to dance to get a role in Game of Thrones, the filmmakers paid attention to something else. The night before the audition, the actor accidentally got into a fight. He was spending time with his girlfriend in a cafe, when a young man spoke negatively about her. Defending the honor of his beloved, Harington received several blows to the face.

The next day, the actor went to the casting as if nothing had happened, but he did not hide the bruises, believing that they would make him look like a real man. The same thought was shared by the creators of the show. They gave Kit a text, and he brilliantly showed how his hero Jon Snow instructs warriors and prepares them for battle. The bruises and abrasions in this case helped him create a complete image of the character and convince the filmmakers to choose Kit.

Daisy Ridley

Daisy wanted to get the role of a Jedi Master Rey in the new installment of the Star Wars so badly that she started her work on the character even before filming began. At her audition, she was asked to show a scene where her character drives Kylo Ren from her mind. Ridley got into her role so well that she left the producers no other chance but to choose her.

Margot Robbie

Margot was lucky enough to co-star with Leonardo DiCaprio in the early days of her career in The Wolf of Wall Street. The actor was immediately approved for the role of Jordan Belfort because of his impressive track record, while Robbie had to go through a lot. At one of the auditions, Margot and Leo had to show a fight between them. The actors did great, but Robbie took it one step further.

After shouting at her husband, she should have forgiven and kissed him, but instead she slapped his face. The crew and DiCaprio himself were shocked, because the script did not mention anything about it. When everyone realized that this was Margot’s improvisation, they appreciated her talent and took her in the project.

Michelle Pfeiffer

The Hollywood star had to fight desperately to get one of her first roles in the industry. In the movie Scarface she co-starred with Al Pacino, who was her on-screen husband. Before getting the role, Michelle had to come to the auditions for a few months and prove to the producers that she is worthy to participate in the project.

The final audition, where Pfeiffer and Al Pacino had to portray a family scandal in a restaurant, was decisive. The actress acted as she should have, but a little too much because of the fatigue from the long auditions. Michelle screamed, broke dishes, and attacked Al Pacino to better convey her character. However, after they finished auditions, the actress learned that one of the dishes she broke slightly injured Al Pacino. The actor did not hold a grudge against her, but, on the contrary, praised the work and noted that he had never seen anything like that. So Michelle Pfeiffer got the role of Elvira Hancock.

Dafne Keen

Young Dafne knew she could get the role of Laura in Logan if she demonstrated all her skills. The girl did not wait for the producers and directors to ask her to show something original, she herself offered to improvise a scene with Hugh Jackman. First, Dafne began saying something incomprehensible and strange, mixing English and Spanish words, and then jumped on Hugh and started hitting him, leaving some bruises on his skin. But Keen got what she wanted — the role of mutant Laura was hers.