We Won't See Harry Styles at Met Gala This Year (And So Won't His Exes)

We Won't See Harry Styles at Met Gala This Year (And So Won't His Exes)
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And there will be quite a few of them.

Harry Styles is a popular singer, songwriter, actor, and fashion icon. He first rose to stardom as a member of One Direction, one of the best-selling boy bands of all time.

Since then, he has released solo albums that topped the charts and broke records – even though transitioning from a boy band to a solo act is notably challenging – and has starred in high-profile films such as Dunkirk (2017) and Eternals (2021).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Harry is also known as a real playboy, with many short-lived romantic relationships behind him.

While not unexpected for a young star, this might sometimes cause him problems. For example, he will not be attending the next Met Gala on 1 May. The official reason is his desire to focus on his current tour, even though the tour does not seem to have any irreconcilable scheduling conflicts with the Met Gala.

Indeed, as you can see, it resumes on 13 May. So, this explanation is somewhat dubious. On the other hand, if you look at the Met Gala 2023's list of attendees, you might get an idea why Harry may want to skip it.

Were he to attend, he would be running the risk of bumping into several of his exes simultaneously. His latest ex, Olivia Wilde, with whom he broke up in November 2022, will be there. So will Camille Rowe, another of Harry's former flames. Taylor Swift, whom he briefly dated, is expected to attend as usual. Additionally, some women who are rumoured to have been in relationships with Styles, like Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne, will also be present.

So, it is no wonder that Harry Styles, who currently appears to be dating Emily Ratajkowski, might want to steer clear of the event. Most men would likely prefer to avoid such a gathering in his position.

Of course, it is still possible that the official explanation is true, and it's all about scheduling conflicts. We will have to wait and see whether Harry Styles will be avoiding other events attended by too many of his exes.