We're About to Learn if Young Sheldon Ends with Season 7

We're About to Learn if Young Sheldon Ends with Season 7
Image credit: CBS

The hit show might end sooner than anticipated.

Undoubtedly, The Big Bang Theory was one of the most popular sitcoms of its time, making it a no-brainer for CBS to create a spin-off based on the lucrative property. However, no one in the fandom expected Young Sheldon to become such a huge hit in its own right. The prequel, which chronicles Sheldon Cooper's childhood and teenage years, began in the shadow of the main show. However, a convincing argument could be made that it soon surpassed its parent show first in quality and then in popularity as well.

Unlike the original, Young Sheldon was never constrained by the conventions of the sitcom genre, which greatly aided the writers in crafting compelling character arcs for all members of the Cooper family. Furthermore, the show never avoided challenging topics, endearing it to fans of primetime comedy. Unfortunately, it would appear that the show might be ending far sooner than expected.

Big Delay

It's no secret that the seventh season of Young Sheldon has been indefinitely delayed due to the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes. However, with the writers already back at work, one would assume that new episodes should be commencing production as soon as the actors guild reaches an agreement with the producers.

Unfortunately, that doesn't mean things will go back to normal, as the upcoming season may very well be the show's last: here's why.

The Canon Strikes Back

Although Young Sheldon has deviated from the original TBBT storyline on several occasions, it still remains a prequel, meaning there are certain constraints that the writers can't go beyond lest they completely break the original show's lore.

Therefore, when Sheldon graduates from college next season, he must relocate to Germany to continue his education, leaving his family and Texas behind. Without Sheldon, the show simply can't carry on, leading fans to speculate that season 7 may very well have to be the show’s swan song.

It should be pointed out, though, that there has not been any official confirmation of this fan theory, and since CBS is more than happy with the show's ratings, we might still see Young Sheldon picked up for Season 8 in the coming weeks. Fingers crossed!