We Have Robert Pattinson to Thank for Oppenheimer, According to Nolan

We Have Robert Pattinson to Thank for Oppenheimer, According to Nolan
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It looks like the popular actor is partly responsible for the upcoming movie.

Among the directors working in Hollywood today, Christopher Nolan is by far one of the most respected, as his incredible dedication to the craft has made each of his films a masterpiece beloved by millions, including the harshest of film critics.

And with Nolan's last movie, Tenet, proving to be one of his most complicated features to date, all eyes are now on the director's first biopic, Oppenheimer, exploring the life of Robert Oppenheimer, the creator of the atomic bomb.

The upcoming film stars Cillian Murphy as the titular scientist and Hollywood heavyweights Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, and Robert Downey Jr. With a star-studded cast like this, analysts are sure that Oppenheimer will be quite the box-office hit, and it looks like the veteran director should thank one of his former collaborators for the movie's existence — Robbert Pattinson, who worked with Nolan on Tenet.

According to Nolan himself, it was Pattinson who first got him interested in Oppenheimer's story, as the actor presented him with a unique gift after the filming of Tenet was completed.

'[As] a wrap gift, he gave me a book of Oppenheimer's speeches from the 1950s, where you're reading these great intellects trying to deal with the massive consequences of the way in which they've changed life forever, for all of us. I really got hooked, and got hooked on the story,' Christopher Nolan said.

So by giving the director a book of Oppenheimer's speeches, Robert Pattison apparently inspired Nolan, giving him an idea for a future biopic. So why is the Tenet actor not in the movie, you might ask?

Well, Nolan actually revealed that he loved working with Pattinson, so he could have easily appeared in Oppenheimer. However, the actor was far too busy with other projects to make time for Nolan's next movie.

While it's pretty sad that we won't be able to see Pattinson in the movie he helped to create, fans are still eager to see Oppenheimer when it hits theaters in the US on July 21, 2023.

Source: Tara Hitchcock.